Alberta Is Now Absurta

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Warning: when Ford and Kenney lie and manipulate the governments they are running (ruining?), why should we expect anything different from Andrew Scheer?

Here’s a simple example.

Jason Kenney and his henchmen are taking the ‘public’ out of ‘public education’.

To be honest, I actually found this story about Alberta’s government receiving directives to remove the word ‘public’ from anything related to a range of school boards, but Press Progress has given us a proper update on the situation.

Here’s the original document. How long will this ‘public’ document be ‘public’?

Again, will a Scheer Conservative government do the same thing and bring us back to the incredibly dark days of Stephen Harper?

Will anti-choice, anti-homosexual, anti-science dogma suddenly appear from back-benchers if Scheer is elected?

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