Canada’s Political Colour Spectrum, Updated

The writ has been dropped.

Canada’s political colour spectrum remains. I dove in deep more than 10 years ago (yikes!) when I assessed the apparent influence that each party’s colour motif has on their platform.

Here’s a quick reminder:

  • Red: anger. MY anger. I’m pissed with the Liberals for having dropped electoral reform. Led by old-money special interest groups.
  • Blue: male misogyny and domination over others. Bullying. Led by Christian right special interest groups and purveyors of subtle racist themes / memes.
  • Orange: all I can think of carnival clowns. Special interest groups are unions and the Conservatives (remember how they came calling when Harper needed to topple the Liberals in 2004?).
  • Green: pond scum. Special interest groups now seem to include The Conservatives, The Anglican Church (a whisper of difference/dogma/hubris exists between this school of thought and Catholics), anti-choice religion, Jesus Christ, high-paid political consultants, the mining industry and the Oil Patch or Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

On the last note, as we head into the election, I was all primed and excited about voting Green.

Oops … Elizabeth May opened her mouth and I stepped back from the abyss.

For a while, I was calling for Justin Trudeau to step aside because of the baggage he now carries on behalf of Quebec (aka SNC Lavalin).

Now, it’s Elizabeth May who may need to reconsider her role following her array of gaffs in the build-up to the election of 2019.

My prediction? My vote won’t matter. That said, the terrible choice of leaders that we have to choose from are still FAR better than what’s on offer around the world, but I will still try to do what I can to prevent Canada from re-entering the Stephen Harper dark days.

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