September 25, 2019

Scheer’s Ties to Racist Roots Run Deep (and Seem Deeper Every Day)

By admin

Thank you to The Walrus for running this story about Andrew Scheer’s racist cabal of supporters. We are reminded about Hamish Marshall,

a corporate director of the Rebel and a long-time Ezra Levant ally. Marshall’s newest gig, announced this week, is campaign manager for the federal Conservative Party. Andrew Scheer bestowed the honour on Marshall after Marshall helped propel the Saskatchewan MP to the position of leader for the second-place party this summer.

But Scheer is already being dogged with questions about the appropriateness of tapping a man so close to the Rebel’s death star. When the questions popped up again this week, Scheer had a less-than-confident answer.

“I didn’t ask Hamish about every client he had,” Scheer said in response to a question from the Globe and Mail. “He has a variety of clients. He’s a small-business owner himself, and I asked him to do a job and he helped me out on my campaign.”

Andrew Scheer: surrounding yourself with known racists is only going to backfire on you.

Canadians: take note. Being mad at the Liberals for some of the issues fueled mostly by right-wing media like the National Post is fair, but voting for Scheer when we all know his skeletons in the closet are alive and well makes me wonder if we’re qualified to vote.