October 1, 2019

Did Andrew Scheer Break the Law?

By admin

Sure, Trudeau did some awful things.

And then he acted like an adult and apologized.

Scheer has made a number of reprehensible statements and has yet to apologize. Is he hiding something? As Montreal Simon suggests, did he spend too much time doing a deep dive with control maniacs Opus Dei?

We found out yesterday that Andrew Scheer has been lying about his background and experience in the insurance industry. He was never a registered broker and yet his resume and profile information announce that he was.

According to Saskatchewan law (Insurance Act),

no person shall hold himself out as an agent —or as a salesman of an agent— unless he is the holder of a subsisting licence under this act, … Every person who contravenes any provision of this act is guilty of an offence.

Andrew Scheer is being dishonest with his resume info.

Now he also seems to have broken the law.

The big question: WHY? Why lie about something so mundane? Are you trying to pretend you’re something you’re not?