October 10, 2019

Meet the (Oil) Money Behind Climate Denial

By admin

And probably a good collection of people that Andrew Scheer, Jason Kenney and other oil schmucks suck up to …

This article offers up an incredible snapshot of the billions of dollars in the US and elsewhere that are being pumped into climate denial.

From the report,

Clarifying the institutional dynamics of the CCCM can aid our understanding of how anthropogenic climate change has been turned into a controversy rather than a scientific fact in the U.S. [and the rest of the world].

Ultimately, the climate denial movement is being funded by billionaires.

Long before Greta Thunberg, folks like George Monbiot were helping us understand the urgency of the climate crisis that we have created. In a recent article, he clearly identifies how global corporations have been very effective at making us day-to-day paycheque to paycheque sheeple think we can take actions at the individual level.

We need to pivot our shame and frustration to a well of anger and frustration that will effectively end the free ride that the world’s most wealthy are enjoying at our – and our planet’s – expense.

We need to give these billionaires an opportunity to live up to their name: THE BILL.