October 3, 2019

Will The Real Andrew Scheer Please Stand Up?

By admin

Wow. Half way through the election and people seem to be at two polar ranges of opinion: dull and uninteresting and crazy, over-the-top updates that seem almost unreal.

Holders of Trudeau’s ‘blackface’ pictures and video waited until very fortuitous moments to release them to the public. Justin Trudeau apologized quickly. The country moved on with more important matters.

But Scheer … holy shit, is he ever sitting on a landmine of mess that any political candidate should be ashamed of.

Let’s recap some of the news to date:

  • He has lied about being an insurance broker and may find himself in trouble with Saskatchewan regulators for saying he’s something he’s not.
  • Only today we learned that he’s a dual citizen. This really isn’t a big deal … UNLESS you’re a Conservative and you made a big deal about Michael Ignatieff doing something admirable like going to Harvard or Stephane Dion having a dual citizenship. And ruining their careers in the process. All that said, apparently he never brought it up because ‘he’s never been asked about it‘.
  • Scheer has promised that he won’t bring up abortion, but he has yet to confirm what would happen if other candidates from presenting independent bills that would criminalize choice in Canada.
  • After avoiding the biggest general protests across the globe last Friday, Andrew Scheer announced his plans to turn Canada into one of the world’s largest producers of dirty, carbon-loaded bitumen by promising to build pipelines from sea to sea to sea.
  • Despite having similar situations in the past where he used reprehensible language against the LGBTQ community, Scheer refuses to apologize.
  • Little is said about his work for Larry Spencer, a known anti-gay Conservative who would have this choice of partnership outlawed.
  • Opus Dei follower? Who knows, but International Socialists and Montreal Simon helped us at least identify that there’s a connection
  • Want to talk about racist connections? Faith Goldy, Ezra Levant and manhy others don’t seem to come up often. I wonder why.

Let’s focus on the revelation about him being a dual citizen. TODAY.

Despite his lack of honesty and failure to disclose, he had this to say about Governor General Michaelle Jean:

“I have a few quick questions for anyone who thinks that Michaëlle Jean is a good choice to be our next GG,” Scheer wrote. “What are her qualifications? What experience does she have that would assist her to carry out her duties as our head of state, including the potential to be a referee in a minority government situation?”

He also asked his constituents if they felt it was appropriate for Jean to maintain her French passport. “Would it bother you if instead of French citizenship, she held U.S. citizenship?” Scheer asked.

What else do we have to ask for the real Andrew Scheer to stand up?

This smug person may be your next Prime Minister. Are you OK with that?

Andrew Scheer