January 7, 2020

It’s Very Sad That Two Countries Hold the Future of The World In Their Hands

By admin

The United States and Iran have started World War III.

And they’re acting like chilren.

The US effectively declared war on Iran January 4 by assassinating their top general, Qasem Soleimani at an airport in Iraq.

Trump follow up this disgusting act of war while threatening to destroy cultural assets in Iran.

Like the Taliban did.

He taunts them like a child would in a sandbox.

Iran has now responded by launching ‘tens’ of missiles at American forces stationed in Iranian bases.

When children act like children, the parents need to intervene. Who are the parents today? NATO? The UN? Two organizations that Trump has made every effort to systematically dismantle.

We need to pull the plug on this stupidity before they destroy the planet.

This is a rare thing. Let’s try to keep it in one piece.