January 21, 2020

Wow. Tru-Dough-Nut Scandal in Canada. Only in Canada.

By admin

So, our Prime Minister walks into a local small business.

Spends a few hundred dollars. Or whatever amount.

Promotes the business simply by dropping by. Helping them spread news about their awesomeness.

They will make money for a VERY long time.

They will make doughnuts.

Conservatives, critics and mindless media? LOSE THEIR FREAKIN MINDS over the fact that Trudeau is a bourgoisie arse whipe blowing Canadian taxpayer dollars on ‘Oh Doughnuts’ in Winnipeg as opposed to mindlessly waiting in the drive thru at Tim Horton’s.

Here are a few random quotes:

Like most Albertans, I have to watch our dollar. At Costco, I bought food that was on sale & would last. I stretch my $ to provide nutritional meals 4 my family & the idea of a treat for us is at the bottom of our list. I can’t tell you how much it hurts to see this entitlement

[Editor’s note: just a reminder that Costco is the furthest thing from Canadian]

Another company your foundation has shares in perhaps?

… donuts brought to you by the Canadian Taxpayers….

And the most vital, irrelevant and absurd theme:

$47 a dozen or $10.99 for Tim’s. Why eat like the Bourgeoisie?

At $47 a,dozen. I guess when you have unlimited tax payer credit card, paying outrageous money for donuts is ok. Tim Hortons too low class for you

These people know Tim Horton’s isn’t Canadian-owned, right?

Tim Hortons hasn’t exactly ingratiated itself to Canadians recently, and certainly not in Winnipeg, where 15 unionized Tims workers were locked out of their workplace amid pay negotiations.

Only in Canada do we get a scandal about … doughtnuts.