February 22, 2020

Canada Humiliated by International Scientific Community

By admin

Shame on Canada.

Forty – 40! – Nobel winning scientists have written to demand Justin Trudeau put an end to the Teck supermine being proposed for Alberta.

My bets are that he won’t listen. Nor will the Cons and it’s likely the NDP will also turn a deaf ear to the warnings.

All new projects that enable fossil fuel growth are an affront to our state of climate emergency. It is a disgrace Canada is considering them

What an embarrassment. Some might argue that it’s a modest form of post-colonial colonialism or intellectualism that is trying to shut us down and keep us from being a viable economic force on the planet.


We should be ashamed that we are considering this kind of mega-project.

Where are the projects that propel us into the future? The study groups and policy planners that recommend ways to better intensify our neighbourhoods and legislate this into national standards?

Why aren’t we doing these kind of projects on a bigger scale? This kind of project addresses so many issues on so many levels and represents vertical food and living integration at its best. Yes, there are gaps, but something like this might lead the way for better developments that give us a future. You could add in details like sourcing of electricity with renewables, growing food on a 365 days per year basis, and teaching people how to work with preserves and other food storage for winter months.

We CAN do it. We just need governments that are committed to humans as opposed to digging more holes.

If you don’t want the mine to proceed, please sign this online petition and share it with your friends and family.