Shuttles: Filling Gaps in Transit

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I love this story.

I know … I’m such a ‘transit nerd’. (Is there such a thing?).

Here are just some top-level reasons why:

  • Smaller vehicles = less costly vehicles
  • More full vehicles = better use of smaller vehicles
  • Less heavy bus traffic on suburban roads = fewer repair expenses
  • Independently owned = free market opportunity to fill gaps in transit
  • Autnomous? I’m not quite there yet, but my mind is open 🙂

I’m sick of people telling me this can’t be done because it can. We can strip the array of massive buses from non-central routes and focus on central routes for express systems that we should strive to make free.

It’s time we considered leaving the connective tissue to the free market. If you decide that you want public transit and a significant distance from your workplace or location that you want to visit, you may also have to pay a different fare compared to express routes.

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