February 28, 2020

What A Despicable Story

By admin

Criminal. Disgusting. New low.

I’m not going to reproduce what was published, but the basic description is that apparently an energy company in Alberta distributed stickers depicting  the rape of climate activist Greta Thunberg.

According to the news story, the RCMP has been invited to investigate the story, sticker and the company representatives.

Thankfully, political leaders of all stripes in Alberta denounced the image.

Alberta’s Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women Minister Leela Aheer tweeted that she considers the image “completely deplorable, unacceptable and degrading.”

“This is not what our province stands for,” the tweet reads. “Whoever is responsible should be ashamed and apologize immediately. I stand with Albertans against this horrendous image.”

Premier Jason Kenney replied to Aheer’s tweet with a post that said “Thank-you for denouncing this odious image and the message it sends.”

Ideally, Jason Kenney makes a more direct statement denouncing this image (as opposed to just thanking someone else for making a stand) and insists on an investigation as well.