February 28, 2020

Conservative Veneer of Civility Eroding Everywhere

By admin

Doug Ford just recently announced that the Ontario government will privatize welfare services and effectively sell ‘the business’ to a private American company.

Which brings about this quote:

And then there’s this story about how the Conservatives used a third-party security company to block CBC reporter Mike Crawley from commenting on the recent convention in Niagara Falls.

The party later apologized, but someone within the party did have the genius idea of sending out this very large person to intimidate Mike Crawley who, by comparison, is not quite the same size.

The reality is this: Conservatives no longer respect the rights of citizens, especially those that oppose them or at a minimum, want to expose them for what they are.

Shame on the the Doug Ford Conservatives. Shame on their supporters for allowing this kind of crap to continue.