March 12, 2020

American ‘Leadership’ Continue Irreparable Harm

By admin

Yesterday, Trump announced a ban on European travel into and out of the United States. Except Britain. Even thought Covid-19 is spreading in the UK.

And then he blamed Europeans for not doing things quickly enough to stem the spread of Covid-19. Because closing an entire country isn’t doing enough.

BLAME is the worst kind of cowardly politics. BLAME is not leadership. BLAME is failure.

To add salt to the proverbial wound, American Republicans – particularly Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican from Tennessee – voted to nix a Democrat bill that would force companies across the US to grant two weeks paid leave for workers that can’t afford to ‘lay low’.

The latter action is what will be the ruin of us all. EXPERTS are telling us to ‘flatten the curve’ and are encouraging us to keep our distance, stay at home and avoid unnecessary public contact.

Destroying Democrat attempts to flatten the curve will only encourage the spread of Covid-19 as the American system of rot, decay and greed pushes people into going to work when they shouldn’t be and not getting protections for health and financial security when they need it most.

In 2008, billionaire bankers got trillions of dollars from the US government because they were ‘too big to fail’.

When will they realize that it’s the smallest things – especially microscopic diseases – that bring us ALL to our knees?

America has proven itself to be a failed experiment.