April 2, 2020

Covid Journal, April 2, 2020 (Britney Edition)

By admin

Rabble.ca is keeping it real (and I’m keeping the volume light today).

In an article published yesterday on their site, they referred to how Britney Spears is basically calling for something that approximates revolution. The hastags #generalstrike and #notdying4wallstreet are both trending and point to a growing likelihood that Americans just aren’t going to stand for Donald Trump’s ineptitude much longer.

Spears Instagram

If this happens, it will most likely result in some kind of civil war.

Get the popcorn out folks. It’s going to be a long ride.

We’re being much more polite in Canada. We’re seeing reminders about how to treat grocery store workers when we pick up our sundries and I actually found an article today on the CBC that asks what most people are going to be asking more often in the coming weeks: will any of our leaders start being honest about how long this will last?

Translation: don’t blame the people caught in the middle that are just trying to help out. Give them a hand and praise them if you can. Buy them a lottery ticket. Give them a gift card. I’m still waiting to see Galen Weston or the Sobey family hit the front line. When they do, I’ll be 100% reassured that this isn’t some kind of absurd class warfare.