April 24, 2020

Covid Journal, April 24, 2020

By admin
How racist are Conservatives?
Because, you know … she’s not ‘from around here’ or maybe because she’s not ‘old stock Canadian’.
POS Derek Sloan (Conservative MP from eastern Ontario) had this to say about Dr. Tam:
Dr. Tam must go! Canada must remain sovereign over decisions. The UN, the WHO, and Chinese Communist propaganda must never again have a say over Canada’s public health!
Does [Tam] work for Canada or for China?
This kind of garbage is unacceptable.
And where’s Raggedy Andy? Nowhere to be seen.
This is a perfect example of why Andrew Scheer lost the last election or, as Peter Mackay puts it, missed on an open net.
A few days prior, I read a friend’s comment about Dr. Tam and how she needed to be fired and how we need to fire the World Health Organization (WHO) because they are ‘incompetent’.
The source for the information with this comment? Ezra Levant and his oil-funded Rebel Media.
Charlie Angus (MP, NDP) and a few other leaders are investigating sources of false information and hate speech in Canada.
Rebel Media should be target number one.
Press Progress has demonstrated that Rebel Media gets funding from an anti-Muslim think-tank Middle East Forum, an American organization that exists to essentially ‘protect Western values from Middle Eastern threats’.
Other updates …
What’s our response been to support small businesses and not-for-profits in Canada?
Maybe this is happening, but I still see a lot of folks stumbling, so here goes … Covid has overtaken the lives of us all and many entrepreneurs, small businesses and not-for-profits are struggling with how to respond to ‘social distancing’ requirements. I propose a ‘task force’ of sorts that would help them develop a more potent ecommerce response to Covid and the upswing in demand for local goods & services. Here are just a few ideas:
– support for an ecommerce platform (eg. Shopify) (for the record, I only mention Shopify because it’s Canadian – I don’t have a financial interest)
– coaches and ‘how to’ seminars from people that will get them selling online fast
– leveraging newsletters and social media to generate updates and sales
– working with Canada Post to establish free or reduced-cost shipping beyond the immediate local area
– support for volunteers or paid employees that help these businesses get their inventory online
– credit services that reduce the cost of completing transactions
– online ‘tip jars’ for businesses and members of the artistic community
– local communities could consolidate companies under a single banner so people can differentiate between local and other areas.
I know there are a kazillion resources out there, but a basic, consolidated template / package that simplifies everything might help some of these folks pivot in the right direction.