April 29, 2020

Covid Journal, April 29, 2020

By admin

A couple of images paint many words concerning the control efforts taking place around Ontario, Canada and the rest of the world.


Yes, social distancing is good, but let’s keep a healthy perspective on who the main beneficiaries of all of this are: The CLAW (Costco, Loblaws, Amazon, Walmart).


Sure, a lot of your transactions might cost a few bucks more, but THINK about the impact your short-term decisions have on our long-term success:

  1. Reduction in dependence on massive conglomerates that have yoked us into being their economic pawns
  2. Recovery of tax money in the form of income tax, property tax, sales tax and many other government sources of income. Most large businesses and their owners pay very little if not nothing when it comes to tax.
  3. Shorter supply chains mean more independence from other sources.
  4. Stability in real estate and other commercial sectors that is needed now more than ever.

According to the latest financial results, Loblaws is raking it in (largely at the expense of hundreds of thousands of small businesses). Their year-over-year results added an extra BILLION in revenue.

All the while, they continue as chronic tax evaders.

Unlike the POS company Foodora that shut its doors in Canada shortly after the workers unionized, Loblaws can’t just tuck and run, so they’re staynig quiet, hoping to not draw too much attention to the attention they’re getting.

Let’s just keep helping small businesses … as long as we can, to be honest. We owe it to our local restaurants, salons, dog groomers, dairies, food suppliers and thousands of other services to keep them afloat.

And if we don’t? We’ll have to anyways through the various support programs that have been established, so we might as well do it with a grin on our faces!