April 5, 2020

Covid Journal, April 5, 2020

By admin

Donald Trump continues to prove that he’s a villian to the planet.

He’s trying to get 3M to cut off sales / supply of N95 masks to everyone but the US.

He’ll likely provoke a trade war in the process, resulting in some very challenging times for American partners, especially Canada.

Which is why it’s more important than ever to get our house in order and prepare for the gates to close, so to speak.

We need to start imposing a minimum $1.00 per bottle of water that’s stolen from the ground from companies like Nestle or Coke. To be honest, I’d prefer something a little more radical like a $10 surtax per bottle, subject to different size requirements (bigger containers = bigger tax).

We also need to get the rest of our food network under control QUICKLY. As all of us know Canada has a short growing season, so it’s up to us to invest in, install and grow from our own ‘Victory Gardens’ so that we don’t all starve.

It’s really a good thing. The United States has lost the respect of all major (and minor) global players, so continuing a relationship of reliance is not a good way to go for Canada.

In other news, it looks like Google (and probably others) will begin snitching on all citizens who are under lockdown / Martial Law (which is roughly half the planet). People will have to shut off and leave their phones behind if they just want to get some fucking fresh air.

Thanks Google. Do no evil, my ass.

The good news in all of this?

The Washington Post has identified Trump as the worst President. EVER.