April 9, 2020

Covid Journal, April 9, 2020

By admin

I remember as a kid watching Cecil B Demille’s Ten Commandments. We visited family and it was what the kids would do.

Stay down int he basement and be terrified when the greenish, glowy hand of death crept across Egypt and killed all first born.

Passover in the Biblical sense almost seems too real now, with people hiding indoors hoping to escape the Covid hand of death.

Will we be liberated after this passes or will we just continue to suffer, cursed to wander in a desert of unreal, uncertain times.

Despite the tone of previous entries, I’m optimistic.

Despite the buckets of cash being delivered to billionaires that don’t need it and continued apprehension to pay grocery workers, nurses, garbage collectors and other essential service workers decent wages and benefits, we’ll figure out how to take the high road.

I’m prone to conspiracy, but ultimately, I find myself prone to profound optimism as well as we guide ourselves through these strange times.

What we do in the coming weeks to establish a ‘new normal’ will define our lives but also the lives of generations to come.

What direction do we want to take?

I wish you all the very best this weekend as our lives get closer as we find new ways to distance ourselves.