May 6, 2020

Covid Journal, May 6, 2020

By admin

The Madness of Prince Donald




Even fellow conservatives are calling out Trump.

And he’s firing back.

But not after his latest disaster where he claims an assassinated President didn’t suffer as much as he has.

Or where he dismantles his pandemic response team … during the pandemic.

White House Staff Replaces Oval Office Nuclear Button With ...

What an idiot. Unfortunately, his finger is still on the button … or maybe they just have a big ‘Staples Easy’ button nearby that he can press instead, with the sound of explosions going off in the background so that they can make him think he’s blowing up his opposition. Of course, North Korea or Russia wouldn’t be in his sites. They’re good friends.

This is what America delivers to the world.

The world needs to get a divorce from America.

Ford Fail

For a few fleeting moments, Doug Ford seemed to have his act together … but no longer.

He’s lashed out at the medical community in true Trump style and accused them of ‘needing to pick up their socks’ with Covid testing.

“Some just aren’t performing. I’m calling them out right now. You’ve got to pick up the pace,” Ford said. “We need to hold these people accountable.”

“I’m not going to name them. They know who they are.”

The premier’s office later explained the premier was referring to testing at long-term care homes specifically, saying provincial public health units are only in charge of testing at those facilities and have been given the tools they need to increase testing.

“Public health units are only in charge of testing LTC homes. We have been clear that testing residents and staff at LTC homes is a priority for the province, which is why the Premier was expressing his frustration that some public health units are outperforming others by a wide margin,” said spokesperson Ivana Yelich.

“The province enables through guidelines, public health units implement.”

Are these the same retirement facilities where you slashed funding for inspections?

True colours showing through …

We all knew it couldn’t and wouldn’t last.

‘Food’ Fail

In other news, it’s abundantly clear that the Trudeau government still sits with influential lobbyists from high-level monopolies and ‘think’ tanks. Justin Trudeau announced yesterday that his government would hand out hundreds of millions to all of the wrong people – including disgusting American meat processors – in an effort to shore up the food chain in Canada.

What a waste.

Bailing out another mega-company that doesn’t need the money. What we really need is a public inquiry into why so many cases of Covid are coming out of Cargill’s meat processing facilities. And what it means for public health overall.

We should be shutting them down, not bailing them out.

This money should go local and should go small. It should go towards the cost of protecting small producers and building local abattoirs, assuming we want to even keep pushing the meat routine.

(What’s interesting is that if you read the comments, many small farmers are also pisssed about the handouts, noting how students got a lot more money than they did. And yes – sorry to say – voting for the party which eventually has a chance at forming government in this country would help generate more attention.)