Author: Author-ED

October 6, 2008

Canadian Election: Vandals Scaring Voters

This is the most despicable show of cowardice I’ve come across in a long time and certainly tops and rhetoric that we’ve seen so far in run up to the Canadian election. Full story here . It’s hard to refrain from naming names, but I don’t see supporters of the Greens or NDP taking this kind of juvenile action against people that believe in democracy.  […]

October 6, 2008

$700 billion bailout or micro-credit?

Many of you will know that I’ve already been ranting about the fallacy of handing over a blank cheque to Wall Street.  To this point, I’ve completely omitted a viable option related to this kind of infrastructure and one that sits squarely amid the whole concept of the Long Tail :  micro-credit. is celebrating its third aniversary this fall and they’ve been extremely successful […]

October 5, 2008

rabble: Greens vs NDP. Who’s greener?

As it turns out, the NDP are the choice of two former Green Party members.  Reasons cited include the history of the Greens in Europe (I would also mention the history here as well, where the Greens were once run by a very conservative Jim Harris), attitudes towards taxation and militarism and policies concerning international trade. For the full discussion, click here . There’s one […]