September 9, 2008

Canadian Election: Stephen Harper Eats Crow for Bird Stunt

By admin

Steve has committed his first major gaff (of what I hope to be many) in the runup to the Canadian Election.  The republicans Conservatives launched a major new juvenile web site (I’m not going to link to it) that has a bird flying over Stephane Dion and then the bird then shits on a picture of Mr. Dion’s head.

What are these guys?  A bunch of three-year olds?  These are the people we’re going to hand over the reigns to our country to?  Welcome to the Conservative Parody of Canada.

I can just picture all of the comebacks and fodder for the Rick Mercer’s of the world:

"Who’s the shit-head now?" one pundit might ask.

"Don’t criticize me or I’ll have an animated bird shit on your head too!!"

Honestly.  What a bunch of terds.

Stephen Harper later apologized for what can only be called a gaff, but thankfully, the damage has been done.  His reputation is now about as solid as, well … well-processed bird poop.

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