January 12, 2022

Covid Journal, January 12, 2022

By admin

We’re seeing the ‘stick’. Why no ‘carrot’ or incentive program?

Is Legault a Threat to National Public Health Care?


Francois Legault and his government in Quebec represents a menace.

First it was the reprehensible and racist Bill 21. The fight to protect religious freedom in Quebec has just begun and Legault will soon find that his attempts to squelch non-white, non-Christian traditions will face Constitutional challenges of the nth degree.

Then there’s the curfews to curb Covid cases.

Then his very popular health minister resigns a few days ago, likely in protest to what came out of Quebec today (but we’ll never know).

Francois Legault has announced that unvaccinated Quebecers will have to face a health tax. It’s making international news.

Yes, vaccines should be mandatory.

But no, a tax of any kind with respect to health-related choices other than the ones that we ALL already pay will result in the ruin of our public health-care system.

I’m not an expert (I know … just another opinion, so take what I say with a grain of salt).

But hasn’t anyone advised Legault that (a) this will be challenged in court and (b) it will have to apply to others as well? People that choose to smoke, vape, eat sugar, drink alcohol, consume pot and do pretty much anything else under the sunĀ 

If he applies a tax to the unvaccinated, it’s overreach and it will be challenged on many levels.

Trudeau needs to stand up for Canada’s health care system and tell Legault to ease up.

I mean, the federal Liberals just banned conversion therapy. Isn’t this a kind of conversion therapy?

Also, we need to take POSITIVE and PROACTIVE steps that will help bring people on board:

  1. Expanded public awareness campaigns that educate us about the benefits of vaccines
  2. Detailed reports on what the mRNA vaccine actually represents and how it works (and how it’s safe)
  3. Remove the pharma companies from the equation. This will probably bring half the hesitant on board.
  4. Shut down locations where the cases are. Broadsweeping generalizations are only going to cause permanent social/psychological damage to citizens, especially young adults and children.
  5. If this is truly a global pandemic, then let’s open up patents on the vaccines to public domain and make a genuine commitment to saving us from overreach. We need to accelerate what’s available globally – to countries that have small percentages of populations vaccinated.

The short version of my thoughts: Legault is going to provoke a massive backlash against overreach. Other Premiers and our Prime Minister have to tell him to dial it back.