January 7, 2021

Covid Journal, January 7, 2021

By admin

Trump’s America in Ruins

I didn’t think I’d live to see the US in turmoil like this. The gross inequality of the terrorist actions that took place yesterday are probably the most disgusting demonstrations of entitlement and abuse of privilege that I can think of. Trump has and will continue to bring America to lower points until there is nothing left. Biden will be inaugurated and shortly after, Trump and his angry white men will continue to blame the Democrats, as if they’ve been behind every foul-mouthed and treasonous slip from Trump along the way. If the Republicans that remain in the Capitol want any kind of legacy, they need to stop Trump immediately. Sadly, in Canada there are several populist ‘leaders’ of certain parties that believe the same things as Trump.

Consider this image:

Image may contain: 3 people, text that says '"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." Voltaire WUA AKE AKE UP MERICA'

Donald Trump promised action on January 6 and the world got to see what he meant yesterday.





Donald Trump provoked the terrorist attacks on the US Congress and Senate and should be ashamed – and imprisoned – for his incitement to violence.

I’ve written before that the American Dream is the world’s greatest nightmare.

I’ll say it again. The US is DEAD.

Unfortunately, this isn’t done and is really only the beginning.

Trump has provided the spark to a very dry, very angry white middle class of entitled citizens that think they are being robbed every time a black person gets basic human rights and is treated with a little dignity. Trump is leading a coalition of catastrophe that only has one destination: ruin.

Trump will do nothing to quell riots over the next few weeks and after Biden is sworn in on January 21, 2021, Trump will do everything he can to blame this bonfire of vanity on the Democrats, taking no blame and deflecting all punishment.

Sadly, Donald Trump is the epitome of the American Way.

For those like Mitch McConnell, who stood in the way of impeachment and an earlier end to Trump’s insanity, I have this to say: backing away from Trump now equates to those of the proverbial heathen begging for redemption on his death-bed. Mitch McConnell will go down in history as nothing more than a putz and one of Trump’s greatest tools that brought about the events yesterday (and likely still to come). He had many, many opportunities to take the high road and support impeachment and other measures to censure Trump, but failed.

A few options remain for those that are seeking redemption, especially in the ranks of Republicans: the 25th Amendment; a return to impeachment hearings; or possibly the imposition of greater crimes once Biden takes over.

The next few days will be quiet.

What will shake our fair planet in the weeks and months to come is the reaction of Republicans and actions of assholes that think they’re in the right.

I fear that only when the entire infrastructure of US democracy is literally and figuratively in flames will Americans finally wake up and realize that they have to rebuild it from scratch.

Canada’s Own ‘Trump-Lites’

We (especially the right-wing dominated media companies here like the Post Media which operates trash like the Toronto Sun and others) like to pretend that Trump-like politics don’t exist here and that we’re too ‘Canadian’ to allow what happened yesterday in the US occur here.

Of course, they couldn’t be more wrong.

The Conservatives in whatever form – PCs, Tories, UCP, etc – are the same middle-aged angry white men that showed up in Washington yesterday, except maybe a few wear a suit.

They still use phrases like ‘let’s take Canada back’ and ‘fiscally conservative’ to appeal to those who vote with emotion and finger-pointing instead of passion and peace.

We need to pay attention to Conservatives in Canada because Stephen Harper opened the Pandora’s Box of populism on our doorstep and today, organizations like the Proud Boys, Canada Proud, Ontario Proud and many others slither in the dark crevices of democracy, waiting for a chance to share their venom.

The Corporate Influence on Politics

Very little has been said in the last few days about the companies that supported and continue to support people like Donald Trump and the Conservatives in Canada who possess a similar ‘vision’ for a white and proud North America.

Has the time finally come to address the ‘elephant in the room’ and call out the backers of these maniacs?

Here are the top 10 donors to Trump.

An Aside ….

Happy New Year, folks. My thanks to all of you who took the time to read what I’ve put together here. I do my best to research anything that I write and, sometimes more importantly, keep raw emotion in check.

I plan to roll out a few updates to the site that will allow for a little more engagement. I would really like to encourage comments, feedback and a newsletter that people can follow.