March 21, 2020

Covid Journal, March 21, 2020

By admin

Welcome to the Vernal Equinox.

May spring bring better things.

Last week was a tough year.

I decided to dial back on my anxiety a little for today and just focus on some thoughts rambling through my head.

What’s happening around the globe? What are you seeing? What are your thoughts?

We’re looking at a COMPLETE rewrite of history.

This is a blank page when we’ve turned the corner.

All of our writing, arts, documentation and other stories will almost always start with, end with or include events related to Covid and how the world responded.
Instead of singing ‘Ring around the Posey …’ as a Medieval tune to help kids spot the Black Plague, kids will sing ‘How to spot Corona …’ or something similar. This will last forever.
The English classes will be about “What I Did During Covid”.
And who will be the ‘spokepeople’ on the other side when this is done? Who will speak for humanity about what happened and why?
I don’t want it to be Trump or anyone associated with him!!
We’ve fallen into the abyss and it is a VERY dark night for humanity. Now who will be there to shed some light on things?
Are we at the end of time or the beginning of a new, wonderful age? Please tell me it’s the latter, thank you.