November 28, 2020

Covid Journal, November 28, 2020

By admin

‘Left-Wing’ Media Meme is Bullsh!t

For years now, the various media companies across the globe have tried to convince the public that there’s some ‘left-wing’ conspiracy in the media to push people to teacherous world government ideas like a cashless society or … a world government.

The Sun (owned by PostMedia, which in turn is owned by a US venture corporation) talks about left-wing media like they’re the f*cking Taliban or that creepy clown in Poltergeist that won’t let you get to sleep without wrapping it’s arms around your neck in a full Nelson. While scapegoating and blaming the left for every problem under the sun, their alliance with disturbing media partners like Rebel grows, turning every policy decision and effort to cooperate with non-government entities into some kind of ‘Gate’ (a frustrating term used by uncreative people). Even now, when you check daily updates on Google News, so many stories originate from the Sun.

According to News Media Canada – the national association for newspaper publishers – there are 32 daily newspapers in Ontario. All of these dailies are corporate-owned.

  • 22 are under the ownership of Postmedia Network Inc.
  • 7 are owned by Torstar Corp./Metroland Media
  • The other three papers are The Globe and Mail (owned by Globe and Mail Inc.), Le Droit (owned by CN2i), and the Chronicle-Journal (owned by David Radler’s Continental Newspapers Canada Ltd).

These are NOT leftist organizations pushing for a progressive agenda, like better PPE or wages to employees, bigger bonuses for work well done on the lower ranks or paying more than their fair share in corporate or wealth-related taxes.

Of course, the notion that left-wing media companies have any clout when it comes to the public share of mind is complete nonsense, as this image proves:

Canadaland (pay for them via Patreon) investigated Canada’s media outlets from left to right and found that pretty much 100% of all media is owned or controlled by right-wingers or continue to spew some pretty extreme … right-wing … propoganda. And people that work for or help promote those publications may not be right-wingers, but they’re doing their bit to prop up the lies.

So why the lies in the first place? A confused and fragemented public translates to control.

Even the CBC lost its way years ago when Harper dumped a load of right-wing bureaucrats into the corner offices, probably with a mandate to carve it up from the inside. A recent article about how a handful of small businesses think they might have a chance in hell against standing up to big boxes, especially given the array of arbitrary lockdown requirements (tell me again why Mark’s Work Warehouse is allowed to stay open?).

Donald’s Parting Gift to the World

Just in time for the holidays, Donald Trump is leaving a tidy little package of disaster to the rest of the world:

  • Releasing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to the world
  • Unprecedented racism and race-related riots delivered across the US
  • Massive and continuous breaches of ethical and moral direction
  • Greater economic divide than ever experienced in American history
  • Dissent across the continent that threatens to bring Civil War to America
  • Potential for World War III (if claims from Iran are correct about an assassination attempt)

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, Donald.