November 26, 2008

Harper’s Plan: Death to Canada by 1000 Cuts

By admin

There’s something about the Harper Administration that I can’t quite understand.

I’ve never seen a more passive government.

The world is falling to pieces and all these people can do is react in terms of cuts.  Thousands of cuts that will bleed Canada to death.

Tomorrow, Jim Flaherty will release his long anticipated Economic Statement, but the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has already released their statement.  Full story and details can be found here .

Flaherty will likely outline how little money we all collectively have, particularly now that tax cuts for mega-corporations are starting to kick in, but also because revenues from the Tar Patch may not be as great now that oil prices are ‘languishing’ down around the $US 50 level.

As a result, he’ll probably identify some pretty severe cuts.  I doubt they’ll be considerate and it’s more than likely they’ll leave a big lump of coal in the stockings of every Canadian, just in time for the Holidays.

However, the CCPA has predicted that things will be much more dire than what Flaherty can even whip up as economic drama, fueling public panic and reminding us that the Conservatives are the last kind of ideologues that we want ‘stearing this ship through the economic storm’.

I have a simple solution:  attack the Defence Budget like it’s a gang of environmentalists plotting to swarm a Cheney-lover’s convention.  Show no mercy.  Lock it down.  Taser it to death.  Reign it in.

We (in ‘we’, I mean ‘they’) plan to spend approximately $50 billion on this bloated and useless industry per year over the next ten years (for a total of $500 billion by 2020).  For what?  Yes, a few thousand jobs depend on these massive gluttonous spending levels, but what about the millions of Canadians that don’t rely on this industry?

Why not start shifting some of that money to productive Canadian infrastructure investments instead of pouring OUR CASH into the pockets of warmongers?

We need that money.  Its ours.  Let’s invest it today to save ourselves from the mess the Conservatives (in Canada and abroad) have created for us.