October 26, 2008

Liberal democrats more active online

By admin

Research here.

This is an interesting article, but covers the US only.

Interesting why?  Well, I suppose it’s because it offers up some hope for the world in that if we (being liberal democrats or activists) are actually more active than conservatives, we’ll eventually turn things around.

The only challenge is fragmentation.  In Canada, during the last election, the number of activist causes, groups, campaigns and other efforts ranked in the thousands.  For the first time, it seemed like everyone with a cause was out there vocalizing it.

However, in speaking, there is no listening.

I feel compelled to wonder if there’s some great aggregator of causes that can act as a filter for interested activists.  If anyone knows of such a tool, please let me know.  Of course, I’d also be interested to know your thoughts on the realistic feasibility of such a tool.  Do we want ‘aggregation’ of causes or are we content with the islands that we create for ourselves?  If it’s the latter, let me remind you that the Reformers, Alliance dudes, Conservatives and PCs all put aside any differences and organized under one banner.

Is there a way for us to do the same?