April 3, 2011

MayDay 2011: Greens to Waste Money on the Consortium

By admin

The Green Party of Canada is doing everything it can to make sure that Elizabeth May is part of the election debate.

Ironically, they are spending bags of money on the very media and broadcast consortium that is blocking them out of the debate.

They plan on raising tens of thousands of extra dollars from their supporters so that they can blow it on a full page ad in the Globe and Mail.

Did no one remind them that (a) people don’t read the newspaper any more and (b) the Globe is owned by Bell Canada, the same company that owns CTV which happens to be the same company that’s blocking them out?

Why are they wasting their money on this crusade?

Why not take the money that you’re raising and use it to win a riding or two?  Find a couple of areas where you actually have a chance, get people on the streets, fly people in to solicit from door to door and stop enriching the machine that’s pushing you down?

I tell you, this is really frustrating to watch.  I really hope that there’s a big cleansing after everyone gets their asses handed to them on a plate by the Cons because the game just isn’t played the traditional way any more.  The Cons own the media that you’re trying to use to get visibility and they’ll do everything they can to ensure that ‘your big call out to the nation’ gets lost somewhere on page S12 of the Sports section.

When drug addicts push themselves to the point of ruin, do you keep giving them crack so they can get high again?  No.  You cut them off.  Canadians should be telling fringe parties like the Greens and the NDP to do the same thing because they’re just throwing their money away.

And don’t think your choices won’t be noticed.  A big F-you to the media conglomerates in this country would get you a hell of a lot more attention that killing another tree for BCE Inc’s sake.