March 28, 2011

MayDay 2011: Vote NDP in Edmonton-Strathcona

By admin

In the last election, Edmonton-Strathcona’ites somehow bucked the Big Blue trend and voted in the the first NDPer since … I don’t know.

However, it looks like the 2008 election was a bit of a squeaker, with Linda Duncan getting just an extra 400ish votes over her Conservative rival, Rahim Jaffer (who later earned the reputation here as ‘Jaffer the Hutt’).

NDP Linda Duncan 20,076
CON Rahim Jaffer 19,634
LIB Claudette Roy 4,288
GRN Jane Thrall 3,045
ML Kevan Hunter 147

Nearly 15% of the vote went towards the Liberal and Green candidates, so we beg of you in Edmonton-Strathcona to maintain the seat for Linda Duncan of the NDP and to vote … NDP.  Even a percentage point or two will make a massive difference when it comes to ensuring that we get Anything But Conservative.