June 5, 2023

More Religious & Military PR from the CBC

By admin


The CBC is piling on propganda unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Just today’s headlines are enough to make me wretch.

An ’embarrassing’ gear shortage has Canadian troops in Latvia buying their own helmets

Inside the fundamentalist Christian movement that wants to remake Canadian politics

Last week, CANSEC – the annual gathering of warmongers around the world – met in Ottawa to discuss new ways to ruin the human race and to leave taxpayers with the bill.

Military spending is the most disgusting waste of money I can imagine.

The Breach tried to cover CANSEC, but was told this:

A CADSI representative told The Breach on Wednesday that the media outlet had its accreditation request refused because it might provide “negative coverage.”

“We have the right to deny media access, and we looked at your coverage and you do aggressively critical anti-war journalism,” the representative said on a phone call.

When questioned about whether this would be an infringement on press freedoms, the representative offered access that was conditional on The Breach providing positive coverage.

“I’m willing to let you in this year,” she said. “We’ll see how it goes and what kind of coverage you do. If there is behaviour that is aggressive to member companies, like a reporter getting up in their faces and asking, ‘How do you feel about killing children?’, then we’ll have to reconsider access next year.”

“We don’t want people coming in, interviewing companies, and writing a headline like, ‘War mongers gather in Ottawa.’”

After finally agreeing to allow a Breach journalist into the conference, the CADSI representative called back five minutes later to inform The Breach that her executive team had reconsidered the decision and was again denying access.

“They weren’t willing to take a risk,” she said.

Seeing the CBC shame the government with issues like helmets and other routine problems is the lowest strike I can imagine coming from the public broadcaster. Small issues are exactly that. They aren’t front page news.

BUT … unfortunately, these small issues ENRAGE the alt-right and Con-trolls that subsequently spam our public broadcaster, playing pile-on until the actual truth of issue gets suffocated.

With the second story, I really don’t know what to think. There’s a possibility that they’re trying to do the right thing by informing Canadians about a cult of religious fanatics that are trying to permanently alter the Canadian political landscape, much like the Tea Party and alt-right has in the US and elsewhere, but this feels different.

It feels like ‘accidental’ promotion or, dare I say, publicity.

The CBC did the same thing with the FreeDumbers last year. Every article had a link to to GoFundMe page that helped balloon the funds circling around from thousands of dollars to many millions.

I hate feeling like the ‘angry old white man that yells at clouds’ (ironically, much like the MAWG yelling at clouds in the article), so I’d like to know how others feel about this kind of stuff.

All I can really say is that we have to stop letting fanatics hide behind tax breaks and financial holidays. It’s time we start taxing religious institutions, including income taxes and property taxes and STOP giving them public money, especially in the form of indoctrination, I mean, education.