December 3, 2008

Stephen Harper: Fiddling while the ship sinks

By admin

Stephen Harper is fiddling with parliamentary obscurities (example:  proroguing the House of Parliament) while our country falls to economic pieces.  Be it Rome or the Titanic, he seems oblivious to the disaster that is brewing around him.

A generation from now, "Stephen Harper prorogued while Canada died" will be the expression of norm when communicating failure.  Feeling pressure from exams?  Let’s prorogue them.  Not wanting to work on a deadline for your job?  Prorogue and hope the world is willing to wait.

Life doesn’t stop for you, Steve.

And heaven forbid that we pull our esteemed GG away from her gala European tour to weigh in on the issue properly.

If Michaelle Jean accepts Stephen Harper’s request to prorogue the Canadian government, she too will be showing that she is unwilling to support the voice of the majority of Canadians.  With that in mind, the notion of ‘royal assent’ and the role of the Governor General must also fall into question.

Ask yourself:  how is that a non-elected official is able to determine the economic fate of an entire country?

I’m sure she isn’t enjoying her predicament, but this is what she signed up for.  It’s not all crabcakes and crystal.

In the event Michaelle Jean fails Canada and that he is successful with his request, Stephen Harper will put the power of the Parliament on hold just when we need it most.  As Canadians enter the holiday season, unsure of what economic fate lies ahead, Stephen Harper will be enjoying the security of knowing that he’s effectively introduced a totalitarian regime over a democratic society.

Two months later, will all be forgotten?