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MayDay 2011: Another Day, Another Conservative Scandal

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Today, it’s just a reminder of how the Stephen Harper Conservatives have done their best to hide the history related to the war in Afghanistan and the torture of detainees.

As it stands, the records related to the Afghan detainee issue will be withheld until after the election.

So … Canadians have an option.  They can choose to get rid of Stephen Harper and help Canada save face on the international scene (and amongst its own citizens) or we can have many years of burying the facts.

Ladies and Gentlemen: It’s the Wheel of (Conservative) Corruption!

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Tonight, we have corruption for everyone and every person … even those in ethnic communities!

C’mon down and play the Wheel of Corruption!!

(This is where I’d insert a really cool Flash animation that shows all of the dozens of options to choose from as the Wheel of (Conservative) Corruption spins around.  If you want to do this, please be my guest).


Here are just a few of the finest examples of how corrupt our current government is:

  • Bev Oda (apparently), over-riding policy decisions for funding
  • Jason Kenney, caught with his hands in the till, using Canadian taxpayer funds to run his campaigns in ‘ethnic’ ridings and using his office in an obvious conflict of interest to garner votes in critical ridings
  • Various heads of campaign finance caught manipulating Canadian election laws to the benefit of the CPC
  • Handouts to Quebec … even though we’re pretending they aren’t handouts from the Feds … to friends of Videotron
  • Millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars to be spent ‘correcting’ Canadians that spend the time to research issues and fraud related to the Cons
  • The threat to eradicate truth in journalism in favour of some of your media buddies
  • Finance Jim Flaherty caught changing Income Trust laws, just moments after promising that they would keep them intact
  • Elimination of the Government of Canada in exchange for the Harper Government
  • Lucrative and untendered contracts to elite military suppliers
  • Minister Christian Paradis taking bribes from gun lobbyists
  • ‘Break your own law day’, when you can break fixed election laws … but only if you’re Prime Minister Stephen Harper
  • Chuck Cadman bribery inquiry … that went nowhere
  • Afghanistan detainee inquiry … that went nowhere
  • Tony Clement’s riding getting disproportionate (Distr)Action Plan dollars … just in time for the G20 summit
  • Endless ‘Ed McMahon type’ cashier’s cheques with Conservative insignia on them and not the Government of Canada, using Canadian funds to promote the Conservative Party of Canada
  • Downloading extra costs of the (Distr)Action Plan to the municipal level, while taking all of the credit
  • Record-breaking single day arrest in Toronto during the G20 summit … with at least 5 inquiries that are going nowhere
  • In and Out Scandal that should result in the Conservatives being elected into power … and then out
  • Gross mishandling of the federal budget and finances, creating the largest fiscal deficit in Canadian history
  • The most senate appointments in Canadian history … after promising that you won’t make senate appointments
  • Endless reprisals against whistle-blowers in the public sector ranks
  • Appointment of mysogynistic and archaic judges that project the belief that what a woman wears invites rape
  • Immigration … of convenience.  Not for economic, social, psychological or other humane reasons
  • Endless extensions of the war in Afghanistan, despite promises to terminate this action
  • Banning democratically elected officials from Canada simply because they disagree with your point of view on Israel’s genocide of Palestinians
  • Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism, the return of McCarthyism
  • I’m a Canadian, not a member of the ‘Harper Government’

Please add your favourite broken law, criminal case or simple contravention of the rights of Canadians brought upon us by the Conservative Party of Canada below.  All thoughts are welcome.

C’mon Canada … wake up from your Tim’s induced, 2% off slumber and throw these corrupt Conservatives out of power!!

My Open Letter to Jack Layton

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Dear Mr. Layton,

As you and other Canadian MPs return to Parliament, you will be faced with many tough choices.

However, I believe that there is no choice when it comes to dealing with Stephen Harper.  In fact, I beg that you do not.

Instead, please realize that small concessions and short-term gains do nothing for the long-term credibility of this once-great nation that has been eroded to apathy and exhaustion by the scheming and corrupt Conservatives.

The Conservative Party of Canada has created a level of embarrassment and shame for all Canadians.  Whether you look at environmental issues or the ongoing (and potential Constitutional) crisis related to the torture of Afghani detainees, it’s abundantly clear that these people care not for the future pride and dignity of all Canadians.  They only care about clutching the reins of power as long as they can and you’re an enabler.

Do your job and make us proud again:  NOW is the time for you and your peers to demand responsibility and accountability from the Harper regime.

Supporting this government is akin to turning your back on all Canadians that are craving leadership.

We yearn for someone to finally take a stand a say enough is enough.  No more deals.  No more promises.  No more concessions.

We desperately need someone who will stand up for the voices of all Canadians that believe in progressive attitudes.

We all stand at the precipice and you and a select few others have the option of pushing us into the abyss or throwing us a life-line.  Either way, we will not forget your actions.  The choices you and your fellow opposition MPs make today will spell success or failure for not only the NDP, but our country as a whole.  Which would you rather have?

I’ll vote for you when you when you help bring this government down.



Submit Your Complaints to the ICC

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Now that Slippery Steve Harper has run out the clock in Parliament, we need to consider another and different point of action with the Afghanistan detainee torture issue.

So long as the Conservatives are running our country, our ability as a nation to govern ourselves and take the right and moral high road will be forfeit.

However, submitting complaints and organizing a petition to the International Criminal Court may be the answer.

Please take action.  Our dignity and pride depend on it.

The International Criminal Court ‘contact us’ page can be found here.

More details are pasted below.

For information

About the ICC, please contact
Laurence Blairon +31 (0)70 515 8714

About the ICC Office of the Prosecutor, please contact
Nicola Fletcher +31 (0)70 515 8071

To subscribe to the Press and Media Mailing list

Please complete this form and send it to : PublicAffairs.Unit@icc-cpi.int

To visit ICC

Postal Address

International Criminal Court
Po Box 19519
2500 CM, The Hague
The Netherlands

“The War In Afghanistan Is A Racket”

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Dennis Kucinich, Senate representative from Ohio, slams efforts in Afghanistan, identifying that “that the war in Afghanistan is a racket”.

Despite Slippery Steve having run out the clock on Parliament for 2009, Canadians have a right to know if we are involved with similar activities.  Are we simply supporting a war on the other side of the planet in order to keep war lords in power?  To what extent are these war lords throwing Canadian soldiers in harm’s way?  Are efforts to obfuscate the truth in Afghanistan efforts to obscure Canada’s involvement in these and other elibit activities?

We have a right to know.

We have a right to a full investigation of everythign related to Afghanistan.  Everything.