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Advertising Boycotts Against Fox Working

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Sometimes it seems like Fox is a bit of an unstoppable train, appealing to every moron in North America, but Media Matters provides us with a ‘feel good’ update:  advertising and media boycotts DO work.

After Glenn Beck called Obama a racist, the gloves came off and literally dozens of major advertisers have pulled funds from his show and other Fox programs.

More can be read about this advance at the Media Matters site.

Lessons to be learned for Canada?  Media boycotts and the withdrawal of advertisers hit the publishers where it hurts:  the bottom line.  In time, they’ll at least rein in some of these clowns and ‘journalists’ in order to continue to keep their heads above the water.

Sun Media and the Globe should take note.

Organizing a boycott is as simple as contacting the advertiser and telling them that they should not be supporting racists in Canada or that believe in gun boat democracy.

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Boycotting Quebecor / Sun Media

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The Sun Media chain has gone too far and will continue to over-step its bounds with respect to Canadian opinion until we stop them.

In a recent editorial, they called for ‘gun boat’ diplomacy with the Sun Sea, the tiny vessel that carried 500 people from Sri Lanka to Canada.

In other words, they expressed murderous intent towards people they’ve never met.

Their ‘polling’ is for the birds.  Keeping an Eye on Fox News North had a tongue in cheek piece about just how pathetic their data collection and reporting is, but unfortunately, many Canadians still accept this junk – including the CBC – as gospel.  This kind of manipulation is truly frightening and it’s irresponsible.

So where do we start?

We need to boycott companies that are currently advertising on their web sites or publications or write them to express your concern about the racist vitriol that’s spewing from their editorial board.  Some common company names of current advertisers include the following (all taken from the web site):

  • Extreme Fitness
  • Natural Defense Food For Dogs
  • HSBC
  • LL Bean
  • Live Green Toronto Festival
  • The Canon Theatre
  • Groupon
  • Hyundai
  • Toyota
  • Dell
  • Bank of Montreal

Ask people with these companies if they’re racist or if they support murder.  Ask them if they’re Canadians with compassion or they’d prefer to walk around the streets with Brown Shirts patrolling our neighbourhoods seeking out ‘brown’ people.

In another editorial, they let Ezra Levant open up and have this contribution about the refugees:

… So let’s rephrase that “lock and load approach” in light of the secret government report that gives credence to our concerns about becoming patsies – concerns rightly shared by many Canadians outraged by having our collective generosity taken advantage of by con artists.

Instead of “lock and load,” let’s “lock them up, load them up, and ship them out.”

Are we clear?

Who reads this and truly believes it’s something we should act on?  This is worthy of a complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal.  Oh yeah … some people like those mentioned above don’t want one so they can spew off even worse things to Canadians.

If you read stuff like this editorial above and you’re offended by this, here’s a comprehensive list of the publications that belong to Quebecor or Sun Media (recopy from Wikipedia).  Boycott any and all of them if you can.  Do not communicate with them, do not follow them, do not quote them or visit their web pages.  Do not buy their papers and cancel your cable if you subscribe to Videotron.

Quebecor Media Inc. is a Canadian media company. It is a subsidiary of Quebecor Inc. that owns and operates the following companies:

In 2007, Quebecor acquired the Osprey Media newspaper group. Osprey is currently operated as a separate division of Quebecor.

  • Canoe.ca (Canadian internet portal)
    • ASL Internet (technology company)
  • Archambault stores (largest music store chain in Eastern Canada)
  • Editions Quebecor Media-largest group of publishing houses in Quebec
  • Vidéotron Télécom (telecommunications)
  • Distribution Select -Canada’s largest independent CD and video distributor
  • Nurun Inc. (interactive agency)
  • Le SuperClub Vidéotron -the largest chain of video stores in Québec
    • Jumbo Video (small video chain operated by Le SuperClub Vidéotron)

Quebecor Media’s wide range of media properties enables it to execute “convergence” strategies that are sometimes criticized. When the TVA television network was running the program Star Académie (sort of a French-language “American Idol“-type program), it was heavily cross-promoted: TVA would mention it in the “entertainment” segment of news broadcasts, the newspaper Le Journal de Montréal would run several pages on it, magazines would run articles on it, and so forth. The show was even hosted and produced by company CEO Pierre-Karl Péladeau‘s girlfriend, TV personality Julie Snyder.

Naomi Klein on Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians

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In this rabble.ca article , Naomi Klein argues that boycotts, divestiture and sanctions are the only way to get the leaders of Israel to respond.

This site has a full array of ways that you can take action.

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