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All the Best for 2009!

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Well folks, 2008 was … interesting.

I lived through what felt like Canada’s first tumble into dictatorship, thanks to Steve.  I watched the opposition parties collapse into one blend of bad policy to be picked up by another dictator-wanna-be.

In the media world, I’ve help initiate a media boycott against the like of Bell, Rogers and Canwest that I hope will pick up speed in 2009.

I’ve seen things change in the US, but I’m afraid that they won’t change enough.

And I’ve watched the capitalist system that most of us at least respect fall into disrepair not because of some trifling philosophical detail, but because everyone at the top are too blind with greed to realize that they are running the whole damn thing into the ground.

After that, I’m not going to try to recap what happened in the world that I tried to report on during 2008.  All I can say is that I did my best, tried to check my emotion at the door (although I feel my best posts were when I was most irate) and share stories that would help all of you feel energized about our futures, despite what some clowns are telling us to think/feel/do.

What I did want to take a second to reflect on was the good that happened to me:

  1. I’m alive (some friends passed this year and they’re sorely missed)
  2. I’ve got a family that I can count on
  3. I’ve got some cash flow (although like everyone out there, I’d be excited if it was bigger)
  4. We’re doing our best to get our debts under control, despite the economy
  5. I should have more chapters for my book "Excited Delirium" posted within the next week or so
  6. I will post some short stories early in the new year
  7. I plan to start another couple of books during 2009.  One will comment on the direction that the economy should take and the other will be another attempt at fiction.

In short:  life is good and I’m hoping to give more than I get in 2009.  Please comment freely and tell me how I can do better.

Canada’s Political (Colour) Spectrum

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Is a Green just a yellow Blue?

Is an Orange just a yellow Red?

No. The Greens in Canada are substantially better than the Blues and the Reds can’t hold a candle to the Oranges.

In 2009, Purple will be the colour of Parliament.

With the help of Red, Blue become the furthest right on the spectrum (see below).

Canada's Political Colour Spectrum

The Reds under Ignatieff have merged with the Blues under the Harpercrites and have formed a nice shade of purple. It’s exceptionally unlikely that the hopes of a ‘progressive’ coalition will rule Canada and it’s even more unlikely that the Liberals will do what must be done to defeat the Conservative regime.

It’s because purple has long been associated with royalty, the self-appointed leaders of our free world and devotees of themselves and their family over the interests of the country at large. Purple is better known as a shade aligned with elitism and dominance as opposed to softness and congeniality.

Purples are perfectionists. Purple people are secretive, unwilling to trust and they are often known to be religious zealots. No surprise there, really.

According to one source ,

In their way of thinking, [purples] are the ones put here to enforce religion for God. These people can be just a little frightening when they start searching for their holy grail.

We’ve seen it already with the Blues. Votes against gay marriage. Policies that encourage the growth of families and discourage women from working. The potential for acts against the human fetus to be considered an act of murder. Bill C-10.

There’s little to no point in seeing the Reds (Liberals) as being anything different from the Blues (the Conservative regime). In the past few decades, their records speak for themselves. Patronage appointments. Ad Scam. The growth of the defence business in Canada. The end of EI. The strangling of small businesses in the interests of large corporate persuaders. The rise of the security state. The neglect of a little agreement called the Kyoto Accord.

Both parties stand accused. Both parties stand guilty.

Yes, Green is a yellow Blue, which means they have a sentiment that leans more towards the market when it comes to solutions for our economy, but at least they are brave enough to stand up to the bullies that ran/run the Environment portfolio. They have made their presence known on international stages when our Blues are too cowardly to show their faces.

Green is the colour of healing and health. Green personalities want to offer solutions and give without want of compensation or accolades. Greens represent a fresh sentiment and for those who are business-minded, green is the colour of money (or it was in Canada a long time ago). With that in mind, ‘Green’ opportunities are all the rage becuase the people that vote for Greens – generally a younger audience – believe in making investments in the future as opposed to propping up dying industries and carving great scars into the side of our planet that will never heal and will remind hundreds of generations of how selfish we were.

Greens are described as peacemakers and seek out harmony, but "they need to be careful not to make martyrs of themselves ".

And yes, Oranges are yellow Reds, in that they seek a more progressive solution to the woes of the world compared to the Liberals. In the past, Oranges under the leadership of Douglas or Broadbent have helped the likes of Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau or even a Conservative like John Diefenbaker rise to truly unique status as Canadian icons.

It’s no surprise that Tommy Douglas was nominated The Greatest Canadian, as he pushed for healthcare and a number of other reforms that would respect the sanctity (and sanity) of the common person. Without healthcare, we’d be in the same situation as Americans, as they sell their over-leveraged homes in order to pay grossly inflated medical bills.*

Oranges root for the underdog. They’d walk in front of a bus to save someone, if only because it’s the damned right thing to do.

And Orange people are great lovers of nature. In fact, they tend to be those that are hired to have a command over our natural bounty. Farmers. Loggers. Miners. Builders. Caregivers.

It’s no surprise that the prevalance of unions is within these professions. People that are too disparate and kind to think that other people would want to take advantage of them. But as they get the Blues and Reds walking all over them when they agree to auto bailouts or other industrial blunders the result should be obvious: don’t push an Orange. They’ll find like spirits and shut you out.

And Oranges are the most likely to seek out adventure and change. Oranges will heed the bidding of the people that hire them and elect them, including those who lead us in the Parliament of Canada.

But let’s return to the Orange passion for people and the Green roots with health.

It is with this assessment that I make this plea: the Greens must find ways to cooperate with the Oranges and vice versa.

We will never defeat the Purples if we squabble amongst ourselves. We must find a peaceful way to lead Canadians into the future.

These two parties represent the only true hope that we have for a future in this country. The Reds and Blues are far too tainted with self-interest and self-aggrandizement to worry about the concerns of the lay people of this land.

It’s a pinch of temporary pain, but my request is that the Oranges find a way to back off in select ridings when strong Green candidates are there to fight for the health of our environment and our economy. Greens must do the same in ridings that are dominated by those who will not let the Purples run roughshod over their sense of livelihood.

In the last election, really just weeks ago, the people of Canada spoke. Nearly 7% of the voting population opted for Green (and they failed to get a single seat) and more than 18% voted for Oranges. Together, this represents just 25% of the vote, not enough to defeat the Harpercrites who stole 38% of the vote with their lies and deceptions.  The reality though, is that Canadians ARE voting for softer hues of Red and Blue and this trend has been growing over the last few elections.

And if the Greens and the Oranges band together to heal this country of its democratic wounds, we will have a future. We will have change. And we will end the disgust and contempt that most Canadians feel when they think of politics in this country. That 25% will rise quickly and we will put the Purples in a corner like they’ve never felt before.

I ask anyone involved with the Greens or the Oranges (NDP) to work together and find a democratic and thoughtful way to maximize the number of seats they will get in the next election.  For many committed to democracy, the next step might be a hard pill to swallow, in that we will likely have to encourage Greens to withdraw from strong Orange ridings and likewise with strong Green ridings.  The elimination of competition will create a show of solidarity and will take the Purples off guard.

Let’s do it soon though, as we’re running out of time for other solutions.

With many thanks to this site .

*NOTE: I fully acknowledge that there are many other issues involved, but I’m hoping to make a small point about the cost of healthcare in the US compared to Canada.

The Coronation of Bush-lite & Harper-lite

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OK … so for once in my life, I actually find myself agreeing with Stephen Harper.

No, hell did not freeze over.

Even though we don’t elect leaders in Canada, we have a tendency of seeing the leader of any party as the personality that we’re collectively voting for. A way to correct this would be to push us towards multi-issue/person voting cards, including the choice of leader, local representative and so on, but that’s a very different and complicated discussion (or is it?). Continue reading

Stephen Harper Lying to the People of Canada?

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I’m listening to Peter Mansbridge interview Stephen Harper and I’m appalled by the string of lies and contempt that this man continues to show for the people of Canada.

In particular, Mansbridge asked him about the efforts that Harper made in 2004 to work with the Bloc to form a coalition to oppose the Liberals.  Harper denied that they did anything of the sort.

Here’s a re-print of a letter that Harper sent to the Governor General in 2004:

September 9, 2004

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson,
C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., C.D.
Governor General
Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A1


As leaders of the opposition parties, we are well aware that, given the
Liberal minority government, you could be asked by the Prime Minister
to dissolve the 38th Parliament at any time should the House of Commons
fail to support some part of the government’s program.

We respectfully point out that the opposition parties, who together
constitute a majority in the House, have been in close consultation. We
believe that, should a request for dissolution arise this should give
you cause, as constitutional practice has determined, to consult the
opposition leaders and consider all of your options before exercising
your constitutional authority.

Your attention to this matter is appreciated.


Hon. Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P.
Leader of the Opposition
Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Gilles Duceppe, M.P.
Leader of the Bloc Quebecois

Jack Layton, M.P.
Leader of the New Democratic Party

What’s the truth?  Can anyone please help me verify why Stephen Harper would contemplate such a misleading statement?

Have I missed something?

A Challenge to All Media Companies: Reject Conservative Ads

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As GM, Shopper’s Drug Mart and other companies yank their media budgets from TV and print ads, this challenge will be difficult to swallow, but hear me out.

We all know Stephen Harper has done a very bad thing.  He has just leaned on the Governor General to declare him dictator of Canada for another 54 days to January 27, 2009 at which point we can finally vote him down.

Until then, Canadians will have to suffer the sweater vest, the sibilant vitriol and the scheming in the backrooms (his seem to be OK) for seven weeks as they try to sell us the Conservative caucus like Satan’s snake selling Eve the Tree of Knowledge.

Yes, this is deceit on a Biblical scale.

So to the point:  if you run a newspaper or program a TV show and you believe in democracy, you will reject their ads.  You will avoid the temptation to profit from the bile of the Conservatives because you believe it’s important to take the high road.

There is nothing noble in what has happened today and you must be willing to acknowledge it.

In fact, the opportunity is for you to shout from the roof tops and publish articles and stories about how you are rejecting all ads during these times in order to let Canadians take the lead.

I repeat:  this is not a time to profit from this madness.  Step aside.  If you don’t, the outcome could be very costly.

Just look at what’s happening to Canwest . They’ve lost their objectivity and Canadians along with the markets are punishing them for it.