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Bayer & Bees

Is there a connection between the world’s greatest pollinators and one of the world’s producers of chemicals?  Original link here.

You be the judge.

Here’s some additional information:

  • A German prosecutor is investigating Werner Wenning, Bayer’s chairman, and Friedrich Berschauer, the head of Bayer CropScience, after critics alleged that they knowingly polluted the environment.
  • The complaint is part of efforts by groups on both sides of the Atlantic to determine how much Bayer CropScience knows about the part that clothianidin may have played in the death of millions of honeybees.
  • Clothianidin and related pesticides generated about $1 billion of Bayer CropScience’s $8.6 billion in global sales last year. The coalition is demanding that the company withdraw all of the pesticides.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the pesticide in 2003 under the condition that Bayer submit additional data. A lawsuit, which the environmental group filed Aug. 19 in federal court in Washington, accuses the EPA of hiding the honeybee data.
  • The group thinks the data might show what role chlothianidine played in the loss of millions of U.S. honeybee colonies.
  • Three months ago, German regulators suspended sales of chlothianidine and related chemicals after the family of pesticides was blamed for the destruction of more than 11,000 bee colonies.
  • The Julius Kühn Institute, a state-run crop research institute in Germany, collected samples of dead honeybees and determined that clothianidin caused the deaths.
  • Bayer CropScience blamed defective seed corn batches.
  • The company said that the coating came off as the seeds were sown, which allowed unusually high amounts of toxic dust to spread to adjacent areas where bees collected pollen and nectar.
  • Bayer paid about $3 million in damages

What to believe, eh?  At the end of everything, I would suggest it’s the numbers that are the most important thing.  If they paid out now, what has been the agreement with the settlement?