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The End of the Internet As We Know It

As we progressives are well aware, THEY own the media which, in large part, includes access points to the Internet.

“They” being folks like Rupert Murdoch (Fox, NewsCorp), the Asper clan (once CanWest), the Peladeaus (Quebecor, Sun Media) and so on.

These stories, however, paint a very real portrait of things to come.

It’s bad enough that bloggers are posed to be considered the world’s biggest threat to economic and democratic stability since the Lenin years (aka ‘blogging terrorists’).

Now, we’re going to be shunted into the halls of oblivion, never to be seen or heard from as long as the douches at Microsoft and other corporations have their way.

Here are some sample stories to digest:

This map shows us just how few companies and organizations hold their fingers on the ‘delete’ button, threatening any act of dissent.

Folks, we have to get very serious about what the Internet means to us.

Battles like Net Neutrality and access are just the tip of the iceberg and are actually meaningless and miss the point.

The real point is that we have to get ready to start building our own public internet or THEY will take it away from us.

If only we could get George Soros to start investing in real infrastructure.  That would be COOL!

Microsoft Seeking Radio Controlled Dog Collars for All Humans

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OK … maybe not, but at least one person from Microsoft (Craig Mundie) is advocating that all people on this planet should have a license in order to access the Internet.

Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer for Microsoft, said “there are at least 10 countries in the world whose internet capability is sophisticated enough to carry out cyber attacks … and they can make it appear to come from anywhere.”

“The Internet is the biggest command and control centre for every bad guy out there,” he said.

The head of online security company McAfee told another Davos debate Friday that China, the United States, Russia, Israel and France are among 20 countries locked in a cyberspace arms race and gearing up for possible Internet hostilities.

Mundie and other experts have said there is a growing need to police the internet to clampdown on fraud, espionage and the spread of viruses.

“People don’t understand the scale of criminal activity on the internet. Whether criminal, individual or nation states, the community is growing more sophisticated,” the Microsoft executive said.

“We need a kind of World Health Organisation for the Internet,” he said.

“When there is a pandemic, it organises the quarantine of cases. We are not allowed to organise the systematic quarantine of machines that are compromised.”

He also called for a “driver’s license” for internet users.

“If you want to drive a car you have to have a license to say that you are capable of driving a car, the car has to pass a test to say it is fit to drive and you have to have insurance.”

Hey Microsoft:  F-U.

Hey Ubuntu:  feel the love 🙂

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US to Make Growing Your Own Food Illegal?

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To be honest, I admit that I feel I’m wading into deep waters of ignorance on this one, but I felt compelled to share this link with the audience that follows Excited Delirium.

I’ve seen a few other stories related to the US government’s act to impose limitations on the growth and sale of local or organic foods, but I’m really keen to get feedback from the audience to see what your thoughts are about these rules.  Will farmer’s markets really be wiped out?  Will individuals really be stopped from growing their own tomatoes in their backyard?

Are there other interpretations out there on this issue?  Please post when you have a moment.

And if you don’t feel like posting here, read the comments provided with the link.  There are many who have posted thoughts that might indicate just how pissed Americans are about this legislation.

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