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Cons Paying Defense Lobby to Lobby the Cons?

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I was a little confused by the links provided by this site when I first saw them:


After seeing some of the details, it all clicked:  the Cons are paying the defense industry with Canadian tax dollars to finance groups that basically lobby the Cons (and other government stooges) to buy more stuff from the defense industry.

I have to admit:  it’s a nice racket if you can get in on it.  Unfortunately, I’m just some bonehead paying taxes and thinking everything’s hunky dory.

OK … really.  How do we stop this cycle?

Lawmakers Invested Heavily in Defense

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Full Story Here.

In the Shock Doctrine, these conflicts were made all too clear. However, Klein focused her energies on folks who were even higher up, including the likes of Cheney, Rumsfeld and other senior members of the Oval Office.


Overall, 151 members hold investments worth $78.7 million to $195.5 million in companies that receive defense contracts that are worth at least $5 million. These investments earned them anywhere between $15.8 million and $62 million between 2004 and 2006, the center concludes.