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January 10, 2009

Broadband Tax?

The RIAA has recently settled a number of actions related to DRM issues.  However, don’t expect them to stop.  This blog has pointed out (and rightly so) that we should expect the RIAA to start to lobby the US government to impose a blanket broadband tax to penalize everyone for pirates. A similar thing was tried by the Canadian version of the RIAA.  Here’s a […]

April 13, 2008

Link with Net Neutrality? Mukasey Says Piracy is Funding Terror

All you downloaders and file sharers: are you terrorists? You might be, if you listen to US Attorney General Michael Mukasey, who recently stated that terrorists are generating huge profits from online piracy and counterfitting. Full Article Here. I like this quote from SFGate: Before Friday’s speech, Mukasey met privately with representatives from companies including Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc. A day earlier, the […]

April 13, 2008

Reality Sandwich: Transcending Possessiveness in Love and Music

Another Reality Sandwich article. In the article, the author explores the relationship between ‘free love’ and ‘free music’ and introduces us to this business model: When I imagine the future of artist-label relationship, the first company that comes to mind is Magnatune, out of Berkeley, California. Flying the motto, “We are not evil,” Magnatune signs nonexclusive distribution agreements with its artists – and allows customers […]

April 5, 2008

Demand Net Neutrality

The Internet business is just starting to get its foothold and it’s important that the entire business be treated equally to ensure that the best in product, innovation and services materalize for consumers and small/large businesses. Net Neutrality is a critical backbone to the growth of this industry in Canada. http://www.canadians.org/action/2008/27-Mar-08.html If you are aware of ISPs and connection services that provide ‘throttle-free’ services, please […]

February 8, 2008

RIAA to cut Artist Royalties

This comes from the ‘let them eat cake’ department: http://uk.gear.ign.com/articles/849/849695p1.html Though the actual artists who make the music are presently entitled to just 13% of wholesale, the RIAA thinks they should receive only 9%. Let’s not forget that ‘wholesale’ still means about $0.08 per song or CD. As one user put it with the comments, “9% of a medium that costs bugger all to distribute?” […]