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Why Cats Elect Dogs

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Patronizing?  Absolutely.  But after our last election, a wide number of people in Canada – specifically our country’s ‘journamalists’ – need to see this.

AV – or Alternate Voting – is not challenging.  Except to dogs or those who win despite not having a majority of votes.

Hmmm … where did this happen just a few weeks ago?  Hmmm … I wonder.

So.  How do we get it?  We just demand it as an option and we move on.

Canadian Election: Petition from Fair Vote Canada

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Fair Vote Canada has set up a petition online to rally all of the ‘disconnected’ voters that feel they have to vote against something as opposed to voting for something.

Their petition can be found here .  It calls for electoral reform to our current system to ensure some kind of democracy actually exists in Canada.  What we have now is a horse race that is void of discussion, void of face-to-face discussions with the party leaders (and their caucus members) and full of ‘sound bites’ and one-liners.