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Excited Delirium Book: Chapter 38 (FAB: Female & Barren)

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Author’s Note: The following is Chapter 38 of the my online book "Excited Delirium". Please post comments. Please tell your friends about this story. If you’ve missed a chapter, please click here for Chapter 1 (Prelude) or here for the full index .

In Manhattan, a small group of women who call themselves “FAB”, short for “Female and Barren”, meet at a designated location the first Tuesday of every month.

At their meetings, they discuss victories and more often, defeats, associated with facing a life of being barren. The format of the meetings is similar to AlAnon (although without the religion), where people introduce themselves to the crowd, talk about their history, describe their situation and end with the question: “Does it matter?”

For most of these women, they’ve moved beyond the notion that childbearing and breeding are important facets to their lives. “Does it matter?” is the leading question that was intentionally institutionalized as part of the structure in order to open a discussion about the need to bring more children into the world. Continue reading