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January 6, 2009

Green America: 7 Fixes for the Green Economy

Green America (was Co-op America) has added 7 recommendations for a new Green Economy. The original link can be found here. Here’s a quick summary of the 7 fixes: Green Energy = Green Jobs Clean Energy ‘Victory Bonds’ (I would buy these!) Reduce, Reuse, Rethink (hint: consumerism is not the answer) Go Green, Fair Trade, Local (Use the National Green Pages index – is there […]

January 4, 2009

Don’t fix the economy: Change it

This story from the Toronto Star was inspirational in that the real story – change – is making it to mainstream media. Here are some highlights: Neither the Conservative minority nor the opposition has proposed anything that will set Canada on a long-term path toward the kind of economy that will both provide for the well-being of Canadians and enhance and preserve the ecological community […]

January 4, 2009

US in Depression

The Economist magazine has diagnosed that the US economy is in a depression , not a recession. While the throngs of journalists, publicists, politicians and other folks are loathe to confess that North America has entered the greatest recession on record, I commend the Economist for having the balls to finally show it like it is, even if they’re still very indirect about it. Now […]