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Canada Reaching Up to Touch Botton: Vote Against Human Rights

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In a new shameless low amongst what I was hoping would be the last of shameless lows with the Harpercrite regime, Canada has voted against a resolution to condemn the massive violations of human rights by Israel in Gaza.

Thanks to Canadian Dimension Blog for the head’s up .

And thanks to the Disaffected Lib for his spin on Iggy and Harpie’s perspective on Afghanistan .

Now, I might have understood (but not really) if we were amongst other world leaders in this decision, but CANADA WAS THE ONLY COUNTRY AMONGST 34 OTHERS TO VOTE AGAINST THIS IMPORTANT RESOLUTION .

This is not an area in the global theatre where I’m content with Canada being a ‘trend setter’.

That said, I don’t know what frustrates me more:  the lack vertebrae amongst our so-called leaders or the lack of objective coverage by the country’s media.  Or both.

This is a shameful day.  Once again, Canada has sunk to a new low and will be reaching up to touch bottom.

The Coronation of Bush-lite & Harper-lite

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OK … so for once in my life, I actually find myself agreeing with Stephen Harper.

No, hell did not freeze over.

Even though we don’t elect leaders in Canada, we have a tendency of seeing the leader of any party as the personality that we’re collectively voting for. A way to correct this would be to push us towards multi-issue/person voting cards, including the choice of leader, local representative and so on, but that’s a very different and complicated discussion (or is it?). Continue reading

Shhh … this might be the Con infighting we’re hoping for

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For those of us who can only dream of fragmentation on the Conservative side, this story links to a group that is gaining a little momemtum in the West.

Of course, I think it would be criminal to advocate losing the West or even encouraging a lack of unity when we need it most, but the odds are they’ll split the Conservative vote just when they need it most.  The Harper regime might lose its foothold in BC especially, shattering any chance of a majority.

So … don’t tell anyone about it, especially if you’re a Conservative because they’ll probably go out there with bats and socks to shove down everyone’s throats, friends of democracy that they are.

And if they silence the movement successfully?  We’ll once again see the true deep, dark (black and) blue that the Conservatives really are.

From Media Complacency to Harper Regime

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Canadian mainstream media companies are not doing themselves any favours.

CTV has absolved itself of any objectivity, along with friends at Canwest, calling into question the role of mainstream media in Canada.  We see in their stock prices that the market doesn’t agree with them, so why do they continue to mis-lead the Canadian public?

Are they simply mouthpieces for the Harper regime?  Or are they as Harpercritical as their dictator himself?

In a video cited by Impolitical , we get a sense of this bias. Lloyd Axworthy is asking Craig Oliver "can’t they get past this" and Oliver responds "Get on with the budget".

Both Axworthy and Craig Oliver fail to recognize that we do not have a functioning government and that if there is a crisis (take your pick:  Listeria outbreak, Tar Sands leak, massive unemployment … oh yeah … those have already been brought to us by the Harper regime), who will respond ?

As a form of protest, I recommend that we organize a media boycott on several levels:

  1. Turn off all CTV / Canwest programming and cancel the Globe, the National Post and other media sources that are simply mouthpieces to the Harper regime.
  2. Cancel cable and satellite services/subscriptions.  We’ve been cable-free for nearly a decade.  Since we’re being told that we need to ‘tighten our belts’ start with paid media channels that insult your intelligence.
  3. If you buy media, stop placing ads with Bell or Canwest.
  4. If you need phone communications, consider Skype or other open-source VOIP programs.
  5. Do not link to them.  If you have a story from them that you can’t resist posting, copy and paste it to your own blog.  If you want video, try to get it from YouTube first.
  6. Support local / independent media.  rabble.caThe TyeeThe Dominion . Progressive Bloggers
  7. Your suggestions below (please post your ideas of how we can encourage people to avoid Harper lies perpetuated by mainstream media).

The Harpercrite Dictatorship: The Movie

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For all of 3 minutes and 45 seconds, the video below produced by these people captures the sentiment of Canada concerning Harper and the Harpercrites.

Nice work.