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January 12, 2009

Canada Reaching Up to Touch Botton: Vote Against Human Rights

In a new shameless low amongst what I was hoping would be the last of shameless lows with the Harpercrite regime, Canada has voted against a resolution to condemn the massive violations of human rights by Israel in Gaza. Thanks to Canadian Dimension Blog for the head’s up . And thanks to the Disaffected Lib for his spin on Iggy and Harpie’s perspective on Afghanistan […]

December 11, 2008

The Coronation of Bush-lite & Harper-lite

OK … so for once in my life, I actually find myself agreeing with Stephen Harper. No, hell did not freeze over. Even though we don’t elect leaders in Canada, we have a tendency of seeing the leader of any party as the personality that we’re collectively voting for. A way to correct this would be to push us towards multi-issue/person voting cards, including the […]

December 7, 2008

Shhh … this might be the Con infighting we’re hoping for

For those of us who can only dream of fragmentation on the Conservative side, this story links to a group that is gaining a little momemtum in the West. Of course, I think it would be criminal to advocate losing the West or even encouraging a lack of unity when we need it most, but the odds are they’ll split the Conservative vote just when […]

December 7, 2008

From Media Complacency to Harper Regime

Canadian mainstream media companies are not doing themselves any favours. CTV has absolved itself of any objectivity, along with friends at Canwest, calling into question the role of mainstream media in Canada.  We see in their stock prices that the market doesn’t agree with them, so why do they continue to mis-lead the Canadian public? Are they simply mouthpieces for the Harper regime?  Or are […]