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I smell an election – Part II

In this article , I suggested that an election will most likely be held before November 4.

I had no idea the Prime Minister would come out swinging the way he has been, poking jabs at Dion and treating him like a school-yard nerd, playing the bully role oh so well.

Coming out of a major caucus meeting, Prime Minister challenged Dion to pull the plug and Dion is nowhere to be seen all of a sudden. Dion’s lack of experience is clearly showing every single time these two mix it up. It’s like he’s cowering under the swingset waiting for his mommy to pick him up.

And the Harper government is coming out strong in a number of ways. A broad range of announcements are keeping them front and centre and they’re doing a great job of being sunny-bright and rosy when the economy is tanking because of their inability to acknowledge that our economy is not all about black goo in northern Alberta.

For example, Flaherty announced a $6 billion spending package, focusing on the infrastructure situation in the Province of Ontario. How can he do this when the Federal government is running a deficit? Is this a vision of more to come as the Conservatives spend desparately in a bid to maintain control over the Hill?

This issue exemplifies a massive contradiction in philosophy. When Flaherty was dumping all over the Province of Ontario (mainly because it’s a Liberal stronghold), he was calling for huge tax cuts to make Ontario more competitive. If McGuinty’s people complied, this Province would be running a deficit as well.

Also, the spending on infrastructure is not wise. ‘Infrastructure’ spending is a throw-back to the 50s, where politicians think tossing some short-term cash at the unemployed will solve all problems.

What we need is a commitment to invest in and build new industries. We don’t need more roads. Those should be bought and paid for by developers and the big box retailers. We need solar power and investment in Lower Churchill to save us from nuclear. We need to take action against the rising dollar and we need to find different markets so that we’re not at the mercy of the US dollar.

With election talk in the air, we’re starting to really see the way the Conservatives work. They talk tough. They shove and they shout. They use our money to buy their way out of the recession that they’re in the process of creating. They blame everyone but themselves for Canada’s economic situation.

What Canada needs to start doing is what the school-yard nerd does when subjected to this kind of taunting: get smart and embarass the hell out of them.

With any luck, someone will have the stones to fight back before the fall and call an election.

I smell an election (before Nov 4)

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Barack Obama is visiting the world’s most important heads of state, including the leaders of Israel, Germany, France, England and even dropping in on countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and other smaller countries.

It’s unlikely that he’ll be paying Stephen Harper and his friends a visit any time in the near future. The near-slanderous release of comments from Conservative friends back when Obama was just a candidate for the Presidential race will back-fire on the Conservatives in a monstrous way (if they haven’t already).  When Barack is elected in November (no if in my mind – McCain has too much Bush on his hands), the conservatives will be on his hit list.

He seems like an upright person, but it’s likely that his cabinet will not have any time for Canadian politicians, unless they’re people that are hell-bent on getting rid of Harper and his gang.  It’s conceivable that he’ll implement a series of harsh penalties against the Tar Sands and bring forth a number of trade restrictions that will negatively affect the Canadian economy but protect the US.

He’ll also elevate the brand of ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ (hopefully) and will most likely offer significant indirect support for the Liberals and maybe even the NDP.  Dion and Layton would be smart to place a call or even make a summer visit to Barack when he gets back to show how chummy they are with him.  He has momentum and these other two leaders need to absorb some of that.

Of course, it’s his success that will induce a Canadian election before November 4.  The Conservatives will be spending like the Sex in the City cast at a shoe sale. In fact, there are rumours that the Harpies will announce a major spend (to the tune of $7 billion) for Ontario TODAY in a bid to shore up votes before calling an election.

The good news is that the Harpies are finally reacting to the sad state of manufacturing in Ontario.  The bad news is that it’s two years too late and the companies that they’ve given our money to in the last two budgets in the form of unprecedented tax cuts have failed to generate new dollars in the Canadian economy in any surmountable and sustainable way.  This is what happens when you cut and thrash as opposed to spend and build.

The other bad news is that Ontarians might actually fall for this switch in policy.  Jim Flaherty almost single-handedly ruined the reputation of Ontario’s manufacturing economy following his one-man assualt on the Ontario Liberals.  Constant talk about how unattractive Ontario is compared to other manufacturing areas had one effect:  it discouraged new investment.  Now he wants to bail everyone out using our money to get re-elected and it’s shameful, at best.

But to get back to the point … every day that Obama’s in power in 2009 is another day that the Conservatives will lose ground to more liberal perspectives.  I know I’m making a big leap in logic that Obama will be more liberal, but feel OK with this conclusion given that anything’s progressive compared to Bush III (McCain).

So … there will be an election in Canada before November 4.  And we’ll pay dearly for it in more tax cuts and spending promises that will only benefit a small handful and leave the rest wanting.

Tax Breaks Don’t Work – See 1929

We’re being told by the Harpies that opposition parties – if we were stoopid enough to elect the Liberals or the NDP – would spend like crazy and increase our level of debt. Here’s just one of the empty threats from Steve.

Duh! If you’ve ever read an unbiased economics textbook, that’s what you do when you’re about to head into a recession.

What you don’t do is cut taxes and expect people to just spend their way out of economic misery because they’re too worried that they’re not going to have a job in two weeks. Let’s do the math: I can either spend to support the economy with ZERO income less a few percentage points or I can work because our government has invested in rebuilding programs to cushion the blow. The net effect with the treasury is the same, but the outcome is exceptionally different.

And you also don’t slash business taxes, at least not for big business. These days, the only corporations that are actually making profits in Canada are those that are not based here. As a result, they pay less here, but then turn all of their after-tax balances over to a foreign treasury.

Bravo!! Your tax-cutting package has just ensured that money evaporates from our economy and people resort to eating their pets because they don’t have jobs.

You think I’m ranting, don’t you? Well, check out what mainstream media has to say about tax stimulation packages:
MarketWatch Commentary on 2007/2008 Relief Package

And, if you think that’s bad, the dreaded comparison to 1929 is on its way:
Tax Relief Package Details from 1929

When you read this article, be sure to skim down to the bottom to review the list of “impartial” advisors to the relief package, including the likes of Ford, Standard Oil, GE, du Pont, Macy’s, etc.

It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Please don’t let history repeat itself.

Torture-Tories: Afghani Treatment of Prisoners Catches Up with the Harpies

I’m sure this link will disappear, as do many similar stories that show the cracks in the Harpie agenda, but here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Acting Commander Ended Afghanistan Detainee Transfers:

I’ve pasted a portion of the story, expecting it to enter the world of “wikiality” soon:

Champ (from Amnesty International) also argued the judge should grant an injunction blocking any more transfers because there’s now proof detainees are being tortured.

He said that because the military stopped transferring prisoners months ago and never told anyone, it could start up again at any time and no one would know.

But lawyers for the federal government countered that since the military has stopped transferring prisoners, an injunction is a moot point.

Meanwhile, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said the government’s revelations show that it cannot be trusted.

“If they are unable to come clean on an issue like torture, when [will they] be honest with Canadians? How can we believe this government?”

Speaking from Vancouver, NDP Leader Jack Layton said he feels like Canadians have been deceived.

“When a government starts to lie to its own people about a war, you’ve got a very, very big problem.”

The government has denied allegations of a coverup, saying it was up to the Canadian army to disclose matters related to military operations.

“The military make decisions each and every day based on what is happening in theatre,” Sandra Buckler, Harper’s communications director, said in an e-mail to the Canadian Press.

“Concerning the matter of detainees, the number of detainees, if they are being transferred or not, these are all operational matters and are the responsibility of the Canadian Forces.”

The agreement signed last year with the Afghan government is still in place, she wrote.

“I would close with the fact that Minister Bernier proactively disclosed, in the House of Commons, the one case that caused Canada’s monitoring team concern,” Buckler wrote.

There are so many issues with this:

  1. Why are we defending governments that we can’t trust to treat people humanely?
  2. Why did the Harpies stand up in the House of Commons saying torture wasn’t an issue?
  3. Why is there not an independent federal or international investigation into this issue?

It’s tragic how the Harpies are passing off the issue as a military issue, clear proof that Canada’s forces are being used by the hawks. Do something right: we’ll pose with you. Do something wrong: we’ll toss you down the well and make you climb your way out.