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Link with Net Neutrality? Mukasey Says Piracy is Funding Terror

All you downloaders and file sharers: are you terrorists?

You might be, if you listen to US Attorney General Michael Mukasey, who recently stated that terrorists are generating huge profits from online piracy and counterfitting.

Full Article Here.

I like this quote from SFGate:

Before Friday’s speech, Mukasey met privately with representatives from companies including Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc.

A day earlier, the attorney general also met with entertainment industry executives in Los Angeles during his three-day California trip.

I find it interesting that someone like Mukasey, with influence from the entertainment industry, is defining who’s a terrorist.

Is this yet another link that will be made in the case against folks that want to share information online, even it it’s free or part of a creative commons? Will this kind of rhetoric be used as the foundation to dump teens and grannies alike in jail because they’ve downloaded a copy of (insert new, favourite band here) latest tunes?

How They Killed the Internet: Part I

The UK has disclosed a working document that calls for anyone caught downloading files illegally will have their internet cut off. Story here.
This is how it ends. This is how they’ll kill the internet.

Let’s face it: traditional media publishers (TV, print) are not big fans of the internet because it’s wreaking havoc on their bottom line. Content and, more importantly, using the illegal use of content as a central excuse, will be how they kill the internet.

In a few years, expect life online to be a bunch of dull ‘push only’ shows and crap that has no soul, no value and provides no tangible excitement for users.

Please say no to this nonsense.