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Support Palestine’s Bid for Nationhood

Stephen Harper says no, , despite spending billions of our dollars without our permission ‘liberating’ Libya from the clutches of a socialist dictator.

Barack Obama says no.

Many others say no, and given the extent of support for Israel, Palestine’s bid for statehood may be rejected by the UN.

However, the true path to solving issues in the Middle East begin with Palestine having independent nationhood.

This is NOT a political issue wrapped in anti-semitism.  If Palestine were to become a nation-state, Israel would no longer be able to treat the people in the surrounding regions like human punching bags.

This is a true moment on the International Day of Peace to support measures that will actually bring … peace.

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Was Egypt’s Gentle Coup an American Takeover?

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Gee … I can’t imagine what life under a dictator would be like (maybe Canada could do with a little regime change?), but I know this:  life under the military will likely be harder for Egyptians.

The “Walk Like an Egyptian” campaign staged by hundreds of thousands of people seems to be subsiding, but let’s repeat who’s in charge now:  The military.

In most circles, a transition of power from the leader (regardless of how he or she got there) is called a coup d’etat.  As defined by Wikipedia:

A coup d’etat is the sudden, extrajudicial deposition of a government, usually by a small group of the existing state establishment—typically the military — to replace the deposed government with another body; either civil or military. A coup d’état succeeds if the usurpers establish their dominance when the seated government fails to disallow their consolidation of power.

In the case of Egypt, I would call it a gentle coup.  The military waited and they seemed to get what they wanted.  Not to sound cold, but few people died in the transition and right now, it actually seems like a responsible host of military leaders will help Egypt emerge from dictatorship.

Or will they?

In Egypt, we need to know to whom the military is beholden.  Are they representatives of Egyptians or an extension of the American military?

Don’t forget that Egypt is America’s second largest recipient of financial and military support – after Israel.  That kind of funding has to generate some kind of internal connections.

Did the turnover in Egypt occur because Hosni Mubarak wasn’t buying billions in new hardware?  In December, Wikileaks showed that the US made repeated attempts to encourage Mubarak’s regime to upgrade their military.  Substantial investments didn’t occur, resulting in Council of Foreign Relations expert Steven Cook to say this:

The cables reveal a military deeply reluctant to take part in regional counterterrorism efforts, and the focus on weapons necessary for desert battle is a reflection of that.  The Egyptian military is not good at or interested in, quite frankly, projecting power. It is there to ensure the survival of the regime and protect the country’s borders.

Not to defend Mubarak, but shouldn’t that be the priority of any government?

We also see that Israel was worried about Egypt’s commitments in the Middle East:

Meanwhile, Israel remains worried about Egypt’s current appetite for weapons. A July 2009 cable from Tel Aviv paraphrased political military chief Amos Gilad as saying “the Egyptian military led by Defense Minister [Mohamed] Tantawi continues to train and exercise as if ‘Israel was its only enemy.’ He added that … [Egypt’s] peace with Israel ‘is too thin, too superficial.’ ”

Looking at this information, one can’t help but wonder what was behind the activities for the last three weeks.  Was it a a pissed off Egyptian populace or an even more irate US industrial-military machine that was no longer getting support in Egypt’s upper echelons?  If bills weren’t being paid and hardware wasn’t being upgraded, could this have provided enough of a spark to overthrow Mubarak?

Other issues are at stake here, particularly the Suez Canal and the Gaza Strip.  The Suez is the most important oil asset to Europe and Gaza represents some of the most important real estate for Israel.  What happens next with these two locations will also reveal clues to why things happened the way they did in Egypt.

To sum up, as the military takes control, who they report to – the US or Egypt – will tell the full story.  Big, gluttonous upgrades and changes in real estate ownership will be the first sign to everyone that this had nothing to do with the will of the people.

Timing is Everything: Libby Davies and the G20

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Libby Davies got ‘punk’d’ the other day when she was approached by a blogger and she made comments about the Israeli occupation of Palestine.  She made a mistake in stating that the occupation began in 1948 (which it effectively did) instead of 1967 and has been the longest occupation in human kind (which it really hasn’t when you look at the history of Rome or other ancient cultures).

Anyways, while some people have lead themselves to think she made a mistake, it’s certainly not one that validates a resignation from this exceptional and committed Parliamentarian.

Regardless of how the actual date is interpreted, she has since apologized in a number of fora, but calls still come from the Con back benches for her to abort her seat.

This, despite the fact that at least 9 civilians and humanitarians were murdered in open seas by Israeli pirates and no one has the stones to stand up to them.  The only thing that might happen is an investigation by the Israelis concerning the event.  What better way to cover your ass than to get permission to report and judge your own crimes?

In this entire situation, how many Conservatives are being asked to resign because they’re supporting murderers?


So … what’s this REALLY all about?


All this has happened just a few days before the launch of the G8 / G20 summits.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as Libby Davies was one of the most active protesters at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and she will likely move forward and legitimize a number of protests against the authoritarian and ridiculous activities associated with the most wasteful and unproductive meetings on the planet.

The timing is perfect because it’s an intentional effort to smear someone who will be extremely vocal – and visible – against the Cons over the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, rumours swirl that even people within the NDP caucus are demanding an explanation and possibly a reprimand from Jacko.  Don’t do it Layton.  It’ll destroy any street cred you’ve got left (and you don’t have much).

Support her.  Applaud her.  She deserves it.

Breaking: Israel Attacks Aid Flotilla

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Israel has attacked a massive aid flotilla off the Mediterranean Coast this morning, killing dozens and potentially destroying an effort to bring aid to people in the Gaza Strip and Palestine.

The Israeli response seems largely premeditated, accusing the aid workers of being terrorists and criminals, despite the fact that most were members of European Parliament, peace prize winners, a Holocaust survivor, and aid organizations.

People:  we have to actively boycott anything from Israel.  We have to lobby all of our politicians to bring on harsh punishment to the state of Israel for their crimes against humanity.

Our Prime Minister will no doubt condemn the aid workers in favour of the Israeli action, even as he meets with Benjamin Netanyahu (or should I say Netan-yahoo?) later today.

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Canada Reaching Up to Touch Botton: Vote Against Human Rights

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In a new shameless low amongst what I was hoping would be the last of shameless lows with the Harpercrite regime, Canada has voted against a resolution to condemn the massive violations of human rights by Israel in Gaza.

Thanks to Canadian Dimension Blog for the head’s up .

And thanks to the Disaffected Lib for his spin on Iggy and Harpie’s perspective on Afghanistan .

Now, I might have understood (but not really) if we were amongst other world leaders in this decision, but CANADA WAS THE ONLY COUNTRY AMONGST 34 OTHERS TO VOTE AGAINST THIS IMPORTANT RESOLUTION .

This is not an area in the global theatre where I’m content with Canada being a ‘trend setter’.

That said, I don’t know what frustrates me more:  the lack vertebrae amongst our so-called leaders or the lack of objective coverage by the country’s media.  Or both.

This is a shameful day.  Once again, Canada has sunk to a new low and will be reaching up to touch bottom.