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Canadian Press Sucks Up to Harper as ‘2011 Story of Year’

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Canadian Press has issued a blatant round of sucking up by declaring that Stephen Harper and his majority win in the federal election in May 2011 was ‘the story of the year’ (sadly reported by the CBC).

Yes, it was an important story as a record number of Canadians declined to exercise their most important right – the right to vote – and allowed the Harper cons to take over Canadian politics in an absolute way.

However, what was more important to Canadian Press – a ‘news’ agency that is privately owned by three of Canada’s largest media companies (Bell, TorStar and Square Victoria Corporation (SVC)) – is that the Harper regime spent hundreds of millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars on propoghanda campaigns including the ‘Action Plan’, Department of Defense recruiting and other federal advertising.

Of course, 2011 got even better for them because Harper cajoled the opposition parties into an election and turned around and blamed them for being power hungry.  Really?  No irony in that statement?

The resulting election was another pile of cash thrown at all of the major media companies by ALL of the major political parties (including the NDP).

Net impact for Bell, TorStar and SVC:  mega profits at the expense of Canadians.

No wonder they were quick to trip over themselves to declare that 2011 was the Year of Harper.  In fact, I’d suggest it’s all part of the plan.

When is our fricking independent media going to get organized and call BS on this kind of crap?

#occupywallstreet grows while MSM misses the message

A massive union in the US – the New York Transit Workers Union – has just voted to join the massive and growing protests related to #occupywallstreet in New York.

This after there were voices saying that the NYPD may stop the violent arrests of protesters as the anti-Wall Street movement grows.

I’ve seen a few comments about the #occupywallstreet campaign, but the most obvious effort has been with Keith Olbermann, who of course, has been the only ‘mainstreamer’ to comment on the lack of commentary on the situation:

What do you think?

Is the protest being ignored?

NDP Media Strategy = Epic Fail

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I am concerned that the NDP has embarked on an epic mission to begin buying media in a run-up to a federal election.

This will be an epic fail. (Perhaps Hack Layton is aware of this and this is why he is busy negotiating and selling out all remaining dignity of the progressive left to form Canada’s latest Conservative-NDP coalition).

Getting back on track:  The inspiration for this piece was a call I received the other night from a volunteer who was raising funds for the NDP.

Mistake #1:  This person made the mistake of suggesting that they had to start planning their media buys now in anticipation of a major campaign some time later in the spring.

Mistake #2:  Booking all of this media when an election may not even happen will result in significant cancellation fees.

Mistake #3:  Planning a media campaign that revolves around dead traditional media formats.

Mistake #4 (and the biggest one of all):  trusting your media campaign to people that want you to fail.

Why does the NDP insist on lining the pockets of those who would destroy them?

Do we all think companies like Sun Media, Bell or Rogers give a shit about the NDP when it comes to election issues?  Do you think they’ll give the NDP the same level of discounts or rebates that the Cons will get?  Or maybe even the Liberals?

No … but they’ll gladly take their money as election fever ramps up.

Spending donations from me or hundreds of thousands of other Canadians on companies that seek to destroy our liberties is madness, to say the very least.  They would dump buckets of cash into the same machine that is bringing us lying via journalism and usage-based billing.

The best thing for all opposition parties to do would be to push a media boycott out into mainstream media.  Stop buying TV space on CTV.  Stop buying full-page ads in Maclean’s and the Globe.  Don’t bother with radio ads that belong to Astral stations.

Really think about ways that you can get grassroots momentum.

I’m not normally in the habit of giving free media strategy advice, but the reality is that getting 50,000 or 100,000 Facebook followers is easy.  Give them something to ‘Like’.

Getting people to re-tweet your content is basic.  Push up the volume on getting the public pissed off.

Wasting millions of donations on old media and companies that want your party buried is just sad.