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Inside the World of War Profiteers

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What? Did we expect an air of civility with this kind of situation? Should we expect anything other than prostitutes, drugs, bribes and other graft being used to ensure a constant flow of lucrative contracts?

Federal prosecutors in Rock Island have indicted four former supervisors from KBR, the giant defense firm that holds the contract, along with a decorated Army officer and five executives from KBR subcontractors based in the U.S. or the Middle East. Those defendants, along with two other KBR employees who have pleaded guilty in Virginia, account for a third of the 36 people indicted to date on Iraq war-contract crimes, Justice Department records show.

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Rock Island sentenced the Army official, Chief Warrant Officer Peleti “Pete” Peleti Jr., to 28 months in prison for taking bribes. One Middle Eastern subcontractor treated him to a trip to the 2006 Super Bowl, a defense investigator said.

At the centre of this article lies KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, the well known company that Vice President Dick Cheney ran for years before his current position and a company in which he may (or may not) continue to hold financial assets.