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Excited Delirium Book: Chapter 41 (Garamond and his marvelous house)

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Author’s Note: The following is Chapter 41 of the my online book "Excited Delirium". Please post comments. Please tell your friends about this story. If you’ve missed a chapter, please click here for Chapter 1 (Prelude) or here for the full index .

“I worry some times, because it makes me feel like a Sybarite,” Garamond hollered.

“Excuse me sir … a what?” asked Hadlock, as they hurried off the landing platform. He was having a little trouble hearing, having just leaped from his transportation, a freshly purchased executive-style Sikorsky S76.

“Sybaris was a village in ancient Greece,” Garamond yelled, “where the inhabitants were said to have lived in grand luxury. They were much more decadent than the Babylonians or even the Gamorrans.”

“Oh, OK. Those Sybarites,” Hadlock said, trying to keep his mocking to a minimum. “I fully understand now, sir” Continue reading