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YouTube: Naomi Klein on Bill Maher’s ‘Overtime’

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Naomi is in a state of real wild heaven and was introduced by Bill Maher as being "the most perfect booking (they’ve) ever had".

As she begins to present her theory about Disaster Capitalism – now proven exceptionally well by the meltdown on Wall Street – Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic and author of "The Conservative Soul" continues to interrupt her.  As he does so, and decries her comments about how we’ve expanded our ‘socialism for the rich’, but she puts him to shame by suggesting that we should stop nationalizing the junk and start nationalizing the profitable companies like Exxon.

Apparently – according to Sullivan – the Bush folks are actually socialists and Wall Street is NOT to blame for the crisis.  Instead, he suggests that Americans demanded it and we should not be bailing them out because they over-extended themselves.  He’s actually got a point.

However, to paraphrase Klein, the most important thing we have to do is look to who benefits from national and potentially international bailouts.  The payouts to executives on Wall Street exceeding $5-6 billion, whereas most people are just leaving their keys in the mailbox.

Also, the US never bailed out failed dot-coms.

At the end, they agree on Naomi’s central point:  we have what she calls ‘cry-baby capitalism’.