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Nuke Containers Unsafe … At Any Depth

This story falls into the ‘really … issues with nuke materials?  I had no idea’ department organized by the ‘let’s watch American Gladiators’ publishing and marketing team.

Here’s the original link.

I have a suggestion:  Let’s stop lobbying for new nuke plants.  OK?

I love this line:

Thousands of containers of lethal nuclear waste are likely to fail before being safely sealed away underground , a devastating official report concludes.

If they can’t even get them off the truck before they boil over and turn into crazed George Romero characters , why the hell are we locking them underground for some future generation to find?

"Look … we’re about to make a very important and exciting discovery.  It’s the tomb of the unknown ChemBot of the early 21st century.  Let’s see what legacy they’ve left us …"

Egyptians left us gold and wonders of the universe.  We’ll leave ponds full of toxic sludge.